5 Things I Would Do with an Extra Hour (and a New Frigidaire Washer and Dryer!)

Frigidaire is asking moms, “What would you do with an extra hour in the day?” Just by answering this question, we can enter to win a new washer and dryer.

We have had our washer and dryer for about 7 years, and every time we pass the new HE front-loaders in Lowe’s I drool a little. Now my husband would say, “They should be asking ME what I’d do with an hour, because I do most of the laundry!” And he’s right, but maybe if I HAD a frontloading HE washer, I would actually DO it. Maybe?

Yes, I think I would. And that would give us more time in the evenings for… well, here’s how I answered the question anyway:

1. The number one thing I would do with an extra hr is spend time with my kids! Cuddle, Read, draw, make up plays/dances, hug them bunches!

2. I would take time to sit and write all of the articles/blog posts that have been swimming around in my head. Maybe even start a book!

3. I would cook a really nice dinner. I used to love to cook, but rarely find the time anymore to make works of art in the kitchen.

4. I really want to redecorate my husband and my bedroom. I want it to be a sanctuary instead of just a place to go to sleep.

5. I used to love cooking meals for others who needed time (new moms/sick/just because) I would find someone each week to bless!

What would you do? Visit Frigidaire’s My Motherload to enter!

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