6 Pumpkin Posts: Carving, Devotions, Crafts, Birthdays, & PIES!

It’s about that time of the year! Autumn? Oh, yes, but I prefer to call it “Pumpkin Season!”  Pumpkins are quite possibly one of the most ingenious fruits created by God. (Yes, the pumpkin technically is a FRUIT, not a vegetable). Pumpkins are great for everything from crafting to eating, so I’ve compiled the pumpkin posts I’ve written over the years here!

Pumpkin Autumn Fall Posts

Tell me: What’s YOUR favorite thing to do with a pumpkin?

Devotion: How is Carving a Pumpkin Like Being a Christian?

Kids’ Craft: Turn a Toilet Paper Roll into a Pumpkin

Pumpkini… or Gourdkin?

Real Life Pumpkin Growing

Autumn Birthday Bash and Pumpkin Carving Tips

Pumpkin Maple Pie with Fresh Pumpkin

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  1. Chele
    Twitter: CheleChestnut

    We actually buy one for each of us (that’s six!) and we each carve our own face in them. Then we go ahead and put a tea light in there for the season. Something messy but the kids enjoy it… it’s become a tradition for us! And of course some good ol pumpkin pie! Oh Man! Now you got me craving pumpkin pie! lol


  2. kia
    Twitter: bodhi_bear

    My favorite thing to do with a pumpkin is EAT IT!! I can sound like Bubba from Forrest Gump talking about pumpkins… pumpkin curry… pumpkin smoothie… spiced pumpkin seeds… roast pumpkin with maple syrup… pumpkin pancakes… you get the idea.


    Twitter: reallifesarah

    Mmmmm… I forgot about pumpkin seeds! LOVE those! We should try pumpkin pancakes! Do you have a good recipe?


    Twitter: bodhi_bear

    My fave pumpkin pancake recipe…


    Use fresh instead of canned and do your own spices instead of “pumpkin pie spice” if you want. They come out thick so prepare to thin them with a little bit of milk.

    I love this recipe because there is no added sugar and they are good… especially with a touch of real maple syrup and toasted walnuts.


  3. Brandy
    Twitter: brandyellen

    You just reminded me I haven’t grabbed my kids pumpkins from my father’s farm! He gives us three each year, one for each kid. We usually carve it up cool and set out front then bake the seeds and eat them! Yummy!


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