A Halloween Party to Scream For

Having a daughter who was born in October is fun. We’ve done a variety of activities for her birthday party, including a corn maze, pumpkin patch, apple-themed parties and more.  This year my youngest, Little Pea,  wanted a Halloween themed birthday party. I’ve always steered her away from that because we try not to embrace the more sinister side of the fall holiday. This year, I decided to loosen up a little, and we just had some goofy fun with it! Halloween Party for Kids We had the most amazing party with seven 7-year-olds, two older sisters (9 and 11) and an older friend (11). I’m sharing each aspect of the party in this post, along with original sources, if available.

The Food 

Halloween Snacks 1. Witch Hat Cookies  I made a few examples of the witch hat cookies, and then let the kids create them as one of our activities. These are amazing kid-friendly snacks; they were easy to make and yummy. I found these on Pinterest and tried to find the original source (Pinterest is not a source). This Witch Hat Cookie tutorial is really great, and she gives you some adorable packaging ideas. 2. Oreo Spiders First of all, I realize that arachnids have eight legs, not six. So my version in the photo is anatomically incorrect, but they tasted amazing! I originally saw these spiders on top of these Oreo Spider Cupcakes, but we omitted the cupcakes and substituted some ingredients. We couldn’t find black licorice strings, so we got Twizzlers Cherry “Pull N’ Peel.” For the eyes, we used black squeezable cookie icing and white ball sprinkles. These were also super easy for the kids to make. 3. Witch Fingers in the Candy Bowl I first saw these cute finger cupcakes, and planned on making them until Little Peas saw a cookie cake she loved. So I just made the fingers and stuck them in the candy bowl.  It was a big hit. 4. Jack-o-lantern Veggie Tray I loved this veggie Jack-o-lantern using carrots and black olives. Unfortunately, I forgot to get black olives, so I had to improvise. I used ranch dressing containers for the eyes, and apple slice for the nose, and cheese triangles for the mouth. 5. Mummy Dogs I spotted these Mummy Dogs, and wanted to recreate them. I actually used a refrigerated pie crust instead of crescent rolls. I just thought it would turn out more authentic looking, and I did love it. Apparently, two of them were really zombies masquerading as mummies, and they couldn’t take the heat! Mummy Hot Dogs

The Games

Making the snack crafts took up quite a bit of time and the kids loved it. We still had time for a few more activities. 1. Pin the face on the Jack-o-Lantern I made a super simple pumpkin out of white poster board, which the kids painted orange. Then, I cut eyes, nose, mouth and bow (the bow is very important) from black poster board. We created two teams of five. one by one, each blindfolded player would try to place their item on the pumpkin. We laughed at where the facial feature ended up. This picture shows an unfortunate placement of one eye. jackolantern game   2. Costume Parade After consuming all that sugar, we needed to expend some energy, so we did a “costume parade” up and down the street. They didn’t need any spectators, they had a blast on their own. The kids took turns leading the group, and eventually found their way back inside to open presents. A good time was had by all. Do you have any ideas for a Halloween Party? DO share! *This post was originally published in 2012, but I think it’s still a “horror” of a good time!

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  1. This looks like a blast and the goodies look AMAZING. So impressed. You totally beat my Chick-fil-A platter and chips and dip. 😀


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    Aw, thanks! Actually, Chick-fil-A platter sounds awesome! I don’t think I ate anything substantial all day. {growl}


  2. Jennifer Whiteford says:

    That looks so fun !!! Cute !


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