A Surprise Blessing and Glory to God

Christian Women Online is an incredible resource for, well… Christian Women Online! Their purpose statement is “uniting women of faith,” and that is exactly what they do! I was completely surprised and thrilled when I found my blog on their recent list of the top 100 Christian Women Blogs at their Internet Cafe Devotions!

From the CWO Internet Cafe site:
Our vision for this was to simply add a page to the Cafe with a fresh list of wonderful blogs that others can enjoy. We obtained this list through nominations by you, the readers, and not simply based on our own opinion. The top ten of those who received the most nominations in a category are included here. In random order, of course.
Though many of the women on our team of writers and the sister sites Internet Cafe Devotions and CWO received many nominations in different categories, in the end we decided to only showcase blogs that aren’t linked from the Cafe on a regular basis. Be sure to go and check out their blogs too though!

I am so thankful to God for inspiring me to start blogging and reaching out out “real” people on this journey of womanhood, Christianity, and life! He is so faithful, even when we are not!

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  1. Congratulations, Sarah! You deserve it! I am so glad you got to meet the other Sarah this weekend and get to know her. I enjoy her stuff too! 🙂


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