Ain’t Got Time to Die

This morning as I was getting ready for the day, an old Negro Spiritual came into my mind.  One of my favorites, especially a capella by a good concert choir, or By the great Jessye Norman.

“Ain’t Got Time to Die”

Lord I keep so busy praisin’ my Jesus
Keep so busy praisin’ my Jesus
Keep so busy praisin’ my Jesus
Ain’t got time to die

But the thing is, I’m busy with a million things to do for work, mommyhood, personal development (I ain’t givin’ up my dance class!)  I have a million things to write about here.  Lots of great posts ready to spill out of my crowded brain. I’ve Busy Schedulegot the titles all down in drafts, even! No time to write them. I exasperatedly sang out the title line of the song in the shower, and God immediately went to work on my worldly perspective.

Now, this post was going to be about the things a busy mom doesn’t have time to do.  But God challenged me even as I was beginning this post.  How can I be busy “Praisin’ my Jesus” in the midst of my busy life.  We don’t have to quit everything to get busy praising Jesus.  Instead:

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Col 3:17

So God encouraged me today.  Just because I’m busy, doesn’t mean I can’t also be busy praising Him. So if you “Ain’t Got Time to Die” today, I have a few pieces of advice:

  1. Ask God what His priorities for you are.  Are there things you are doing that He hasn’t called you to? (You’ll feel it in your gut if you pray)
  2. Quit beating yourself up about it.  Yes, we are busy.  We’re moms. But in the midst of the world around us, we can have a quiet spirit inside, which is always praising our Lord.

I have two questions for you today:

  1. What don’t you have time for, that you really want to do?
  2. How are you going to praise him in the midst of the inescapable running around that a mom does each day?
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  1. “Ask God what His priorities for you are. Are there things you are doing that He hasn’t called you to? (You’ll feel it in your gut if you pray)”

    Yes! And I just cut them lose this past week. I got the signal to move on from some things, so I’m moving on. No idea where I’m going, but this ought to leave me a little more “dying time”–dying to self, I mean. That kind of dyin’, we’d better all be able to find time for.


  2. And did you notice I totally didn’t answer your questions? I’m sorry. I was a poor student, too. :0)


  3. Once again your writing has encouraged me and God has spoken to me through your kind words! Thank you Sarah!

    I don’t have time to work out, to write the articles I want to write (much like you) and keep my house clean.

    But I do have time to praise my Jesus. I have time to readjust my focus to HIM. You know what, I get distracted so easily. My life is always a constant refocusing every day 🙂


    Twitter: reallifesarah

    I can relate, Annie! I think I’m unable to single-task at this point. I do have to depend on God to keep me focused. Even then, I stray! I will be praying for you!


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