All Husband are Idiots…

… if you watch TV or listen to the radio. And it kind of makes me mad! It makes me defensive for my sweet, smart, wonderful husband who does his best every day juggling work, helping with the chores, nurturing three little princesses, and dealing with me!

I was coming home from the grocery store tonight, (while my husband was helping HipChick with her homework, and straightening up the house I might add) and I turned on the local FM pop talk show. The host entitled the segment, “Training a Husband.” She was actually saying that husbands are so dense that you have to use dog training techniques to get them to do what you want. Then, a series of callers proceeded to share their husbands’ idiotic missteps and misunderstandings, and how they can’t even follow simple instructions.

I actually wanted to cry for those men, who were being completely disrespected by their wives. I wanted to call up and say, “Do you know how wonderful my husband is? Yes, he may have made some mistakes in his lifetime, but let’s focus on the good they do! Have I never had a complete ‘space cadet’ moment or two…or five? “

Anyway, if you agree with me, leave a comment saying what you love and respect about your husband.

I respect the fact that my husband loves God with all his heart, and seeks to follow Jesus in all he does. I have total confidence in Judd for the spiritual direction of our family.

Edited to Add:
Peggy at Meet Me In The Garden has written a great post on this subject as well. It seems like she has a lot of wisdom to share!


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  1. I agree! Society makes ALL men sound terrible. My husband is a wonderful man who tries his best to help with everything from taking care of the kids, grocery shopping, cleaning house, etc. Of course, it may not always be as good as I’d like it to be but I’m not complaining. At least he tries, which is more than I can say for some men. πŸ™‚


  2. Milk in the Closet says:

    I totally agree and think it has gotten worse! Think of all of the shows and commericials that basically make the husband look dense. It’s so sad that as a society, we are spreading that kind of mentality.

    My sweet husband is the most diligent, steady, faithful man I know. He is humble. He is a servant. And he loves unconditionally. He is an amazing father and the true love of my life.

    Thank you for the opportunity to brag on my man!


  3. I totally agree with you, and it drives me crazy!

    I love and respect my husband! He’s not perfect, but he leads our family to the best of his ability, and he’s always trying to make my life a bit easier. At the moment, he’s doing the dinner dishes. πŸ™‚


  4. Melissa Markham says:

    You and your previous commenters are are very blessed. Not all of us are so lucky. My husband is the bread winner in our family, but complains about the fact that I don’t work and make money to take the stress off of him (though we both agreed that we wanted to homeschool. My husband doesn’t empty the trash can, much less haul it to the dump. He doesn’t mow the yard. He doesn’t help with the children’s bath or bedtime routine. He doesn’t go to church with us and discourages me from becoming too involved because he wants me home. I am responsible for the vehicles getting inspected, paying the bills, keeping the house, getting the groceries, mowing, trash, kids…

    Not all husbands are like yours. So while I disagree that people should be talking about ‘training their husband’, I would like to remind you how lucky you are to have a husband who helps and encourages you.


  5. I am with you on the way women degrade their husbands, in public and in private. There are times I have wanted to scream when I hear some of them going on and on.

    God has blessed me with two wonderful husbands. No, not at the same time, but when my husband of almost 30 years went died God brought another man into my life who is terrific. No, not perfect, but neither am I. He is loving and kind and works hard for us. I love him and feel blessed. Yes, I could find things to complain about if I went that route, but the love he has for me and I for him does not let me.


  6. Melissa, you’re right, I realize that some wives have it harder than others. It must be so hard for you to juggle all those responsibilities without help. Our marriage hasn’t always been all puppy dogs and roses, but we’ve worked through some things and I am blessed.

    I am certainly not talking about discussing real problems with trusted advisers and mentors. That is so important, and needed. There are issues we have to deal with in our marriages.

    It’s the public denigration that I think is so counter-productive. I’ll pray for you in your marriage.


  7. I totally agree, but it goes both ways. There are those that make the wife out to be a naggin witch. I think the mainstream gives a bad example to those that aren’t married.
    Whats wrong with showing couples how to be respectful and not tearing each other down.


  8. I agree with you, Sarah. I often point that out to my boys when they are watching a tv show like Drake and Josh and you see their sister rolling her eyes at her “boob” dad.

    I love that Greg loves me, loves our kids, and tries really hard to be a good example to our boys. He is kind and intelligent. He loved Jesus.

    We also have passed through the fire and the desert, and it’s not easy, but there are ways to do that without broadcasting it to the world. Mentors are a great idea!


  9. Rebekah, that is the reason I couldn’t ever watch “Everybody Loves Raymond.” I tried to like it, but I got so annoyed with the way they portrayed the wife as the “naggin witch” and the husband as the idiot. I guess being nice to each other isn’t funny.


  10. Jan, I think it’s great to talk about that with your kids.


  11. I agree Sarah, its very disheartening and I hate when I get those emails that totally dog the Husband/Man. I love and respect my husband as head of our home.


  12. No wonder kids are so messed up! Our kids watch how we treat others, and the relatuinship they observe most often is between Mommy and Daddy.

    I love and respect my husband and would never degrade him in front of anyone.


  13. Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ says:

    You are right.

    My Hubby is a wonderful husband and Daddy to his 2 girls. He is a strong spiritual leader of our home and he loves God with all his heart. My girls and I adore him and thank God for the blessing that he is. πŸ™‚

    I do realize that it is a blessing that not all women have and I pray for those who have difficult home lives.


  14. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    I agree with you – and I don’t think it’s limited necessarily just to husbands either. It seems to be the ‘in’ thing for guys to be complete idiots (or at least they’re portrayed that way) – the whole ‘dumb and dumber’ mentality. It drives me nuts!

    My husband works long hours to help provide for us. He is a wonderful daddy who completely does his share of helping with the girls – diaper changes, baths, reading, dressing, feeding and all. And he’s a computer nut who will spend most of a weekend figuring out how to install and make WordPress work for his wife! πŸ™‚


  15. Liza's Eyeview says:

    I totally love and respect my husband.

    Yes, he does have a lot of “things to work on” but SO DO I πŸ™‚


  16. Liza's Eyeview says:

    It’s not just in TV.

    You know mt kids and I loves the books “Berenstein Bears” but my husband don’t because he noticed that they always (most of the time) makes the Dad the “duh! goof ball” and the mom the “smart hero” πŸ˜‰


  17. I just want to say that I also love and respect your husband.


  18. Mrs. Jules says:

    This is a great post, thank you…I think a heart of gratitude is so key. I also respect the fact that my husband is spiritually leading our family and that he continues to draw closer to Christ. It’s made all the difference.


  19. samismom22 says:

    My hubby and I have talked about this several times before.
    The dads are seen as incompetent and not caring. And hubbys are seen as clueless. It is such a sad portrayal of men, and the complete opposite of the Godly man that God inspires our husbands to be.
    Yet that is what is popular and accepted in our culture.

    My hubby and I both teach at the same high school and I can’t tell you how many times other women have told me they could NEVER work with their husband. And go on and on about what a loser he is.

    Ok….sorry I just got going a bit in my comment. All of that to say I agree with you!!


  20. When the families of a country step away from the Word of God, the families begin to deteriorate. What we see on tv and in movies is just the outcome of that decay.

    It’s a total role reversal of men and women. Years ago, Lucy was the “dumb” one to Ricky’s totally in control father-figure. Hollywood has NEVER gotten it right!

    There are no wiser people than a husband and wife who decide to live out their marriage God’s way.

    That being said, to answer your question, I love and respect my husband because he puts my needs ahead of his own, he sacrifices himself for our family and he seeks only our good. He is treating me as Christ does the church.

    As for me, my goal is to submit to him in everything, because he is the leader and head of our home.

    I don’t always get my part right! I guess that goes without saying! We are both growing in God’s grace in our marriage.

    Praise Him for that!


  21. GREAT comment Alesha!


  22. I totally agree, Sarah, and I really appreciated this post. I love and respect my husband and I just cringe at the way our society treats our husbands and fathers. I do know of a great blog that is doing it’s best to combat this though… I think you would like it. Here’s the link: I Know Something Good


  23. Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) says:

    I completely agree with you – what IS it with the husband-bashing in our society??

    One of the (many!) things I admire about my husband is his absolute willingness to pitch in and help with ANYTHING. He comes home from work and immediately starts playing with the kids, or helping me get dinner on the table, or whatever needs doing. Sometimes when I’m out (for choir rehearsal, etc.) I’ll come home to a clean house – just because he noticed it was messy! A few weeks ago I got really sick and he took time off from work to stay home and take care of the kids – and he never even complained about it. He is a good, good man and I’m blessed beyond measure to have married him!


  24. I think men get the short end of the stick. My husband works hard and is gone a lot but it affords me to stay home and be with my girls. I’m very thankful!


  25. I think that society goes too far with this kinda stuff. I thought male bashing left with the 80’s.

    My husband is wonderful, too. He does more than me sometimes with the house and OUR son.

    I just don’t think that a lot of couples these days respect their vows that they had given to each other. No one seems to care about those vows as Divorce today is so easy to get.

    And in my opinion, those type of people that go on National TV and act that way – is not truly altogether and that is why their marriages are falling apart.


  26. MorningSong says:

    So frustrating because in truth these women (the ones who blast their husbands) say more about the issues of their own heart than they do about their husband! Such a frustrating trend these days – bashing husbands and/or others! Too bad when the gripers of life begin griping they can never take the slightest critique in return. And their critique is usually MUCH deserved and usually should be given sternly. But the gripers of life are generally handled with TLC so as to not break their spirit. Too bad the same consideration is not given BY them!

    Great post!


  27. I totally agree with you!

    There are many, many wonderful things my husband has done, but for the sake of keeping this short I will focus in fueling up my car.

    There have been so many times that my husband has been the one to fuel up my car, insisting that he would rather do it than have me have to. The reasons have been:
    *i forgot to get gas on the way home from work and remembered at midnight and he didn’t want me going to the gas station that late.
    *it was pouring down rain and he didn’t want me to have to stand in the rain
    *it was snowing and he didn’t want me standing out in the snow (ok, weather is a common reason so i’ll stop with the weather reasons)
    *i was at work and needed gas in the car but would have limited time after work to get to my son’s school for a teacher’s conference so my husband drove across town to my office and drove my car to fuel it up for me.

    I’d say he a pretty good guy who deserves some respect from me.

    Kim @ TheBitterBall


  28. Anonymous says:

    Some times you have to admit that your husband is an insensitive idiot… people are living in a dreamworld where you are obviously “yes” people – grow some backbones and stand up for yourselves.. I am not saying they are completely horrible, but since the beginnig of time they have been getting away with everything that is selfish and irresponsible – it’s time to call them on it


  29. Anonymous says:

    I have tears streaming down my face, right now…And it's a good thing I'm typing, because I'm to choked up to talk. My husband has verbally & emotionaly abused me for 30 years. Here are a few of the names, I've been tagged. Baby Huey, Big Tator, Narly Old Yam, Banana Titties, Big Fat Pizza Dough, Used Goods, Dough Girl, Big Potato Nose…the list goes on and on. He calls this kidding. What do you think, ladies? I'm 5'7" and 165lbs with ash blonde curly hair, to my shoulders, and big blue eyes. Other men talk to me in public, all the time, and find me attractive. Is he doing this to make me feel that I could never find anyone else? Or is it out of fear, that I might find someone else? I've somehow managed to keep my spirits up, and I have a wonderful supportive family. I'm an artist, and free spirit, and very fun-loving, so it could also be jealousy. And, he's jealous, when I laugh on the phone, with my sister. Help!!!! I think I'm married to a type 2 control freak!!!! Minnie


  30. Brandy Willis says:

    I think what you posted last year is wonderful! I agree with you! I love my husband and I try my best to always respect him and to praise him. My sister-n-law is always belittling her husband in public and it makes me so upset to see it. I value my husband and I just wanted to tell you that I like your post.



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