Aloha! It’s Olympics Time!

Aloha! Today’s Friday, so in Hawaiian style, we take it easy! Here’s my question today:

It’s Olympics season again, and I can’t wait! When my husband and I were dating, I was living with one of my college pastors and his wife, Jan, for the summer. It was 1996, and the summer Olympics were in full swing. We all used to sit up late and watch together. Judd went with our youth group to chaperon a mission trip to Atlanta for the games, and brought me back a Peace Frogs Olympics T-Shirt. Ahh, it was just yesterday! Just six months later, we were married! Great memories! (remind me to tell you the smelly feet story from when we were dating)

So what is your favorite summer Olympic event? Mine is Gymnastics, hands down! I also like diving, although it gives me butterflies to watch them fall so far!

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  1. nicole viola says:

    Definitely gymnastics (women’s) for me too. I was a gymnast growing up so it always takes me back. Will be interesting this year with the new scoring system that I don’t quite understand yet!


  2. TheAngelForever says:

    When I was growing up I was always fascinated with synchronized swimming. I took swimming classes and loved to watch the synchro teams practice.

    These days (if I watch) I like that along with swimming, diving and gymnastics.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. happyathome says:

    The swimming! I am excited to see the 40 year old mom who is buff and what I would love to look like! Stop by my Aloha Friday for a loaded question!


  4. JenniBeanV says:

    LOL! I posted the same question! Great minds think alike!

    I like the men’s swimming but only because I have a crush on Michael Phelps. 😀


  5. The Woman says:



  6. marigold says:

    Tee hee Sarah, am I the only one who caught the misprint? You have three beautiful children and a loving husband, but in some alternate universe you've only been married 18 months if the summer olympics were around in 2006! =)

    FUNNY! "Ahh, it was just yesterday!" Yup!

    I love gymnastics, mens and womens. I also enjoy the track & field portions. Can't believe opening ceremonies are tonight already!


  7. As a former gymnast I have to say gymnastics, but watching it with me is not fun. I am very critical and technical. I take the fun out of it hubby says. I also like swimming and diving, but again I used to do these in high school so more technical.


  8. Gymnastics too! Guess its a girl thing!


  9. Truly Tracey says:

    I’m not a big sports fan, but I do plan on watching the opening ceremony.


  10. Marigold, My friend emailed me this morning about the misprint, too! We had a time warp machine, so it was 2006 for US!

    I guess I should change that 🙂


  11. Our son, Micah, who is now working in Shanghai, will be attending some of the Olympic events soon. So be looking for him in the crowd.
    As for the event favorites, it’s hard to beat gymnastics for pure amazingness!


  12. Ahhh …. the Atlanta games. I live in Atlanta and it was FUN! I love gymnastics also, and diving. But my husband was a swimmer and so I love to watch swimming also. Did you see the opening ceremonies last night? They were incredible!


  13. Good memories, Sarah! 🙂 Now I’m introducing my boys to the joys of swimming, volleyball, etc… they are liking it so far. They don’t remember any other Olympics. (We were in Nicaragua four years ago and they didn’t broadcast it at all that I remember)


  14. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    Gymnastics would be my favorite. I do also find myself mesmerized by the swimming though.


  15. Gymnastics – as a girl who never perfected the simple cartwheel, I still stand in amazement with every back handspring they do! It’s a couple of weeks of living vicariously through those young rubber-band women and imagining myself with a perfect 10. :o)

    Have a wonderful day!


  16. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Gymnastics for me too, and then I also love the diving and swimming too. 🙂


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