Aloha! The School Clothes Are For School!

We’ve just finished the school shopping for our daughters. They all got shoes, and the oldest got the majority of the clothes. We had a jackpot night going through the bins of hand-me-downs for the younger ones.

If it were up to my husband, the “school” clothes would be off-limits until school starts. I, on the other hand, know what it’s like for a female to get new clothes, and want to wear them RIGHT NOW! So I tend to be lenient when they’re not getting dirty.

What about you? Are your school clothes strictly for school?

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  1. elaine @ peace for the journey says:

    Boys could care less! As for Miss Amelia and her wanting to wear new clothes, I could care less. Wear ’em. Live it now. Don’t wait. We’re shopping today. This weekend is tax free weekend in NC, so we always save our shopping for now.



  2. happyathome says:

    Not at that point yet with my daughter but I have been there as a child with my parents!
    Stop by my Aloha Friday and take a trip!


  3. Coma Girl says:

    I am not strict with my step-sons anymore because they are older now and don’t really “play”, so they don’t get dirty.

    I remember my mother ALWAYS made us wait until school started and I was always so excited about those first days because of the clothes.

    When does school start anyway? We don’t start until September 3rd.


  4. I’m on the stricter side. My biggest reason with my girls is, if they start wearing it now, then when school starts, they want more. They complain that they don’t have new clothes for school.

    I do tend to buy things on clearance though that would work for the warmer fall months, like capri’s, etc so I will usually let them wear that kind of stuff it they aren’t playing outside.

    Usually it isn’t a huge issue because who wants to wear Jeans when it is 90 out?


  5. The Woman says:

    yes until christmas then those they can wear anywhere and the christmas clothes are just for school then


  6. Nope, the kids wore everything everywhere except for church clothes, they were only for church and special occasions.


  7. ~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ says:

    There were always 3 classifications – school, church and play and never the 3 shall meet!


  8. TheAngelForever says:

    To me it isn’t worth fighting over clothing. We have to buy some school clothes for our oldest this weekend and I will likely save it for September. I am sure we will not have a problem with this thanks to the long pants and shirts being too warm in the heat.

    Have a great weekend and good luck 🙂


  9. Heart of Rachel says:

    My son has school uniform and black shoes strictly for school use.


  10. Lift Up Your Hearts says:

    We homeschool so school clothes aren’t an issue, but growing up the new clothes were always saved for when school started. It built excitement about those first days of school to know we had several exciting new outfits to wear!


  11. Thankfully, my daughter has a uniform for school. It sure saves me a lot of money and time!


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