April is Autism Awareness Month

Many families are touched with Autism Sprecrum Disorders, and I believe we all should take time to learn about these very wonderful children! Just a little understanding can go a long way in relating to a friend’s child, or our own, who deals with ASD.

www.newbaby.com is a video blogging site for moms (Think YouTube for moms, only tightly monitored for content) The wonderful folks at NewBaby have put a special focus on Autism this month. You can watch this video introduction, then visit www.newbaby.com to watch videos from other moms with autistic children and experts in the field.

I video blog with New Baby, and you can see my videos here at this link!

If you think you might be interested in posting videos on New Baby, go ahead and sign up, or you can leave a comment asking me any questions you have! Very soon, I will be giving away a video camera for a mom who would like to video blog with NewBaby.com!

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  1. heresmycuplord says:

    Hello Sarah,
    This is Ginger following you from Lisa’s blog while enjoying the celebration. What a beautiful button! I’m glad she met you and is now a part of bloggyworld.

    Now we can learn from her and pass some chocolate along. Thanks for encouraging her. Off to read more of your blog.



  2. thanks for your mention of Autism Awareness Month. I have a young adult son with severe autism and he is an incredible gift because "It's All About Attitude" (as my book says 🙂 )


    Think Autism , Think Half Full


  3. That’s really cool, posting about this. I think raising awarness for this is important. My sister loves working with Autistic children, she gets them in a way most people can’t.


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