Are You Joining the Rat Race on Black Friday?

Deck the Aisles with Pushy Shoppers, Fa La La La La…

Do you go shopping on Black Friday? I usually try to get most of my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday, because I LOVE getting ridiculous deals and sticking it to the overpriced retailers. I make my list, map out which stores to go to and when, and hope they aren’t sold out when I get there!

I have been somewhat underwhelmed by what most retailers are trying to pass off as sales this year! Note to retailers: We know when we’re being tricked! We live for this stuff, and you can’t fool us with a mere 20% off, even if you do have big SALE signs all over the place.

So I’m going to only one store tomorrow- one that truly knows how to throw a sale: WALMART. Yes, the evil empire, the capitalist bastion of “rollback” prices. Yes, they have shown that they really want my business, through that evil capitalist practice known as “lowering prices to get more customers.” How dare they! I’ll get back at them by grabbing up their stuff at a fraction of the regular price! Mwah ha ha!

And then, I’ll come home and do the rest of my shopping on! They have some Awesome Black Friday Deals! as well!

We actually got this mp3 player for my almost 8 year old. It also allows her to record her voice and load it onto the computer, since she likes making up songs, and having me notate them for her.

***UPDATE*** Warning: rant following!

Walmart let me down. It’s all a scam this year, and I’m really disappointed. They had a couple Barbie Diamond Castle Dolls left, that were supposedly advertised for $5. I brought them up and they were $15. ???? She said, “Oh, I guess it wasn’t THESE particular dolls that were on sale.” Same thing with the pajamas. There were lots of pajamas on sale that looked like the ones in the ad. Another mom was getting some too, and we thought those were the $4 ones. Well, I got up to the register, and, “Oh, it was the 100% cotton pajamas that were on sale. These are regular price. ” Did they have 1 pair of cotton pajamas in the whole place? No! I just want to know how many people actually fell for the trick and bought them anyway. My husband stood in line at 5 AM to try to surprise me with a laptop. He was there from the beginning, but guess how many they had? THREE! I’m sticking with Amazon this year, and if retailers think they can get people to buy more with tricks like these, I really hope we’re smarter than them!

OK, I feel better. Drama over… I think.


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  1. I had a fun morning in the two hours I did Black Friday shopping this morning. I posted about it on my site. Hope you got what you were after.


  2. I most not be a true shopper because you couldn’t pay me enough to put myself into those kinds of crowds.


  3. And that’s another reason why I never shop on Black Friday. A greeter at Walmart was trampled and killed in NY – people are crazy!


  4. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    That is just the sort of thing that makes me happy to stay all cozy under a blanket enjoying a movie marathon! So sorry you experienced that. I also have no desire to get trampled while shopping!


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