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The blogging moms community is one of the most innovative, creative, generous communities I’ve ever known.  Yes, we can have our quirks, but usually, we are all about sharing information with each other, lifting each other up.  So I’d like to create an environment to do that here at Real Life Blog, ask for information if we need it, share it if we have it.  Kinda like those penny jars at the gas station, right?

I was inspired by Stacie, AKA The Divine Miss Mommy. She has started a series called Modern Manners Monday, where moms can ask questions regarding manners, and others can chime in with their advice.  For example, this week’s question is how to deal with tattle tales.

Ask a Mom BloggerEach Thursday, I will post a question from a Mom Blogger about Blogging, Vlogging, Social Media, etc. Everyone can chime in with her advice in the comments!

I think this will be a fantastic way to build community, and get our questions answered.  Questions can be from beginning, to advanced, or anywhere in between.

Here’s the form to ask a question! If you can’t see the form below, click here.


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  1. Looking forward to this Sarah!


    Twitter: reallifesarah

    Me too, Andrea! I hope we get lots of great questions!


  2. Chele
    Twitter: CheleChestnut

    Oh Sarah! I absolutely love this!!!! Can’t wait to see what this brings! I will share on my list of favorites this week!


  3. Ginger
    Twitter: Here\'s My Cup Lord

    Great idea Sarah!!


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