Awesome Deal on Photoshop, a giveaway, and an announcement

I’ve been designing blogs at Real Life Design with an ancient version of Photoshop. A lot of the things I see in my brain are really hard to recreate. I looked into getting Photoshop C3, or Illustrator, but I really can’t afford it right now. One of my mottoes is to try not to go into debt to make money.

I have a friend who works with Photoshop Elements, and she can do some pretty neat stuff with it! I found the greatest deal on Amazon.

  • I got Photoshop Elements 6.0 for $81.99 (it usually sells for $99).
  • Then, I’ll get a $20 rebate in the package, which makes it $61.99.
  • Thats a $38 savings! I also got free supersaver shipping! I’m so excited!
  • If you sign up for an Amazon Credit card, you can get $30 off. Another one of my mottoes, however, is never sign up for a credit card just to save money.

Anyway, if you are wanting to get into digital scrapbooking or any kind of graphic design, this may be a less expensive way to start. When I hit the big time (if?) I’ll upgrade to CS3, but this will be amazing!

Elements also has a tagging and storage program that’s awesome, so if you take a lot of digital photos, and lose them in your hard drive, like me, you can tag them with your kids’ names, location, event, dates, anything. I’m really excited to try it! Just click below to check it out

I also have 2 announcements!

1. I’m giving away a big box of school supplies from EZ School at Real Life Review, and everyone can get 10 % off with the coupon code.

2. If you want to redesign your blog, now’s the time! I may be accepting some extra projects in July. Click here to go to Real Life Design. I also do Self-Hosted WordPress designs now! I’ve teamed up with Alyssa from WordPress Installs for Hire , and we can put a new design on your existing theme, or completely change your theme.


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  1. I can’t edit this post once I add that Amazon widget. Go here for Real Life Review


  2. Oh yeah, I found a download version for $27.99, too! What a great deal, huh?

    Can we say, “piracy?”


  3. My heart is leaping for joy! YEA, I’m so glad you got it. Love ya!


  4. Melissa Markham says:

    Your blog design is lovely! Glad you got such a great deal!


  5. elaine @ peace for the journey says:

    You do beautiful work. I look forward to perusing more of your handiwork.



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