Black Friday: Tips and Deals!

Well, it’s almost here! The most anticipated (or dreaded) shipping day of the year! In my opinion, you either love Black Friday, preparing meticulously and mapping your route with precision; or you loathe the day and hide under your covers with “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, the first day of the official Christmas shopping season, when most stores lower prices and offer killer sales to bring shoppers in the door. Many of the stores have “Early Bird” specials, so be sure to notice if the sale ends at a certain time. It’s called “Black” Friday, because it’s the day many stores go from being “in the red” to a positive balance sheet for the year.

Cyber Monday is the e-tailers’ answer to Black Friday. Although many online stores will have the same deals as their brick and mortar counterparts, Cyber Monday is the official day for crazy deals online.

I got my HP all-in-one Printer/Fax/Copier about 5 years ago on Black Friday (may it rest in peace), so I’m looking for another one this year. I also go my loaded Toshiba laptop that I use for work (everything, really) at Radio Shack on Cyber Monday last year! This is the day I usually look to make big tech or electronics purchases.

I have compiled a few resources, and tips to help you get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. My mom and I have a tradition of going shopping, but we don’t usually get out at 4AM like some crazy people! ๐Ÿ˜‰

BLACK FRIDAY resources is the official site for all the Black Friday news and updates. You can find links to all the black friday deals there. I always start there when I’m mapping out my plan, and you can even add items to a shopping list to print out later. I usually add lots of stuff to the list and prune it down after seeing all the ads.

At PCWorld, I found 10 Fascinating Facts about Black Friday, including $3.00 Target Appliances!

Deal Seeking Mom has 12 Tips to Make the Most of Your Black Friday Shopping Trip Here are some of her tips:

  • Make a list: Black Friday is not the best time to go out just to browse.
  • Prioritize
  • Be realistic: Realistically, youโ€™re going to have to choose just one doorbuster item at one store as your top priority
  • Take a shopping buddy: taking a shopping buddy who is interested in the same deals as you is a great way to score multiple deals at your first stop.
  • Leave the kids at home (Amen)
  • Wear layers
  • Bring snacks and water

To read more about these tips and others, visit Deal Seeking Mom here.

Of course, I can’t do a thorough research of tips and tricks without polling my Twitter followers! There’s no better source for practical advice! Here’s what some of them said (I’ve kept the shorthand in there, because it’s just so darn cute! We only have 140 characters in Twitter after all!):

  • Make sure u’r mentally prepared for craziness & crazy rude people. Go w/ a good attitude and keep it & u’ll have a good time. @funygrl
  • Laugh–a lot–or all the crazy, cranky people will get to ya. ๐Ÿ™‚ @gettingfreedom
  • Don’t go. Stay at home with your laptop. Many stores have same sales online. @wistfulwrists
  • Get out early and be finished by noon! @aboshnack
  • Have fun w/ it, go with friends/family, split the shopping list amongst stores & ppl 2 cover it. @AWelbaum
  • Have patience! From someone who used to work in retail, EVERYONE is busy and ppl can be nasty. @allisonpeltz

Lastly, don’t be fooled by fake sales. Don’t settle for 10% or even 30% discount. I typically won’t buy anything on Black Friday if it’s not over 50% off (wait till Cyber Monday) Here are the deals that I am looking at

Office Depot:

HP J4680 Wireless All-In-One Printer – $64.99

HP Premium Photosmart All-In-One Printer – $99.99

Canon PIXMA MP490 Photo All-In-One Printer, Copier, Scanner – $29.99


Winter Sleepwear For Girls And Boys – 60% Off

Tell us: Will you go
shopping on Black Friday? What are you looking for?

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  2. Envelope Printing | says:

    Guess I'd rather go with the Cyber Monday. I'm too tired and lazy to wake up just to fall in line and wait.


  3. I just got a new Tv and new surround sound…we have an HDMI cable from the cable box to the tv then and HDMI from the surround sound, an audio cable from the surround to the cable box…the surrond works when watching tv however it doesn't work when playing my playstation…the playstation is plugged right into the tv…I tried putting the playstation into the surround and the audio wires into the tv but then it only works for the playstation and not when watching tv…anyone know what i'm doing wrong?


  4. My PS3 will work at home just fine.When I connect it to the internet it works but when I connect at college it signs me out of the playstation network and will not allow me to play. It could be because they want me to download something but I can't it is something that you have to download to access the campus network but It does not recognize the PS3. School is boring without it please help!


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