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This week, I am officially starting my new “blog planning” plan. I saw Resourceful Mommy Amy Lupold Bair’s Review of the DIY Planner from GO MOM inc. and wondered if it would work for me.  I am weird when it comes to calendars and schedules.  I need to have all my appointments and events in my BlackBerry, so I can have it at my fingertips.  I am more of a digital calendar girl for that type of thing.  But for some reason, it doesn’t work for me to put my blog calendar in a digital calendar.  Very weird.

When I read Amy’s review, I loved the auxiliary resource pages idea! I really need to get all our family’s important information in one place.  Some of the information sheets Molly includes in the planner, I would never even have thought I needed them! I realized when I looked through all the resources, that this is a complete family handbook.  If, God forbid, something were to happen to myself or my husband, a caretaker could have all the important information at their fingertips.  I look at it as protecting my children, in a way.

DIY GO MOM!® Planner is a downloadable, PDF version of The GO MOM!® Planner previously sold at Target, Barnes and Noble, OfficeMax, and more. It is designed to allow you to do-it-yourself by printing out the bundles you need and assembling them in the binding you prefer.

Besides the planner and calendar functionality, it  comes with

  • GO MOM!® Mom’s Corner
    • Menu Minder®
    • Grocery List
    • Time for Takeout
    • Magic Moments
    • Celebrations Record
    • Gifts on the Go!
    • Time to Entertain
  • GO MOM!® Contacts
    • Home Sweet Home Directory
    • Vehicle Directory
    • School Contacts
    • Child Contacts
  • GO MOM® Kids
    • Directions Diary
    • Activities on the GO!
    • Sports on the GO!
  • GO MOM!® Out and About
    • Babysitter Contacts
    • Babysitter Guide
    • Emergency Directory
    • Emergency ID
  • GO MOM!® Medical Resources
    • Medical Authorization Form
    • Medical Summary Parents
    • Medical Summary Child
    • Medical Summary Pet

I’ll show you some of the sample calendar sheets, and how I customized it for blogging.

This is the monthly planning page. I love the Print-Your-Own format, because I did mess up one of the months, and had to start over!  Just printed out the page again, and out the other one in the craft box for the kids!

Here is MY monthly page. I have color coded each of my blogs, consulting/speaking, and “extra.”  This is where I write down what I plan to post on each blog.  I can also add reviews that are planned farther in the future, conferences, and MomTV show topics. I plan to spend time on Sunday Nights writing my blog schedule for the next week.

See my colored pens in the handy little zipper pouch?  I got the purple binder and the zipper pouch at Walmart, and the pens are Zig writers- I LOVE them!

This is the weekly planning page of the DIY Planner: (click to see a larger image)

I took one of the weekly sheets, and put it in the front. This is my regular schedule for each week.  I’ve got our dance classes, MomTV Show, Wii Mommies BlogTalkRadio, Bible Studies, and assignments due each week. That way, I can work my blog schedule around the recurring events.

And then, of course, I have to have a super cute cover, with my contact information, in case it gets lost!  I also added a folder in the back of my planner, in which to put receipts or important papers I need for my blogs, before filing.

Right now, I have everything in the same binder.  What I think I will do, though, is put the calendar planning material in one smaller binder for blogging, then store the reference sheets with the important family information in the office.

Here are my favorite things about the DIY GOMOM Planner:

  • I can choose a binder that fits my style, and size needs.  I can add extra pages, or omit the ones I don’t need!
  • I loved that I could add a zipper pack with my color coded pens.  No more missed color coding because of not having my pens handy!
  • Easy reprinting and replacement when I make a mistake.  The first time I filled out my monthly blogging schedule, I mistakenly put the schedule back a week, and easily reprinted it.  A regular planner would have been ruined!
  • Simple layout.  I don’t need a whole lot of clutter on my calendar pages. I already have enough clutter in my office, thank you! GO MOM includes the essential information without the mess.
  • Thorough family information resources for all my important information!  Seriously, this is worth the price righ there.

Ideas for improvement:

  • I’d like to see editable fields in the PDF, so I can type in most of the information.  I know, I know, handwriting is a lost art, huh?
  • I forgot to print it out on double sided mode on the HP Touchsmart Web Printer.  That is totally my fault, but if I did it again, I would be sure to choose that option.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the effort to get organized, so I don’t do anything. GO MOM has made it less daunting, since I can print only the parts I need.  I agree with Resourceful Mommy’s assessment of whether the DIY GO MOM Planner is for you

This Planner Is For You If…you have been frustrated or disappointed in the past with your planner purchases. The planner pages created by Molly Gold are perfect for my work-at-home mom lifestyle, so it will likely fit the needs of many other families. The DIY GO MOM! Planner is also great for crafty types. I enjoyed purchasing a cute little three-ring binder at Target, but I’m sure that many of you would make a beautiful cover of your own with family photos or a cute scrapbook page.

This Planner Is Not For You If…you want to just buy a planner and be done with it. Admittedly, downloading, printing, and placing the planner pages in the binder was incredibly quick and easy, but there are likely some of you who would buy the file and never actually download and print it out. Perhaps add better follow-through to your resolution list for 2010? 😉
Also, check back later today for a HUGE giveaway related to this review of the GO MOM DIY Planner!
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  1. Great idea. I started doing this as well this year. I love my handheld but there are some things i have to see on paper.
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  2. This is a great recap … thanks for sharing!!! I’m off to check it out:)
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  3. i follow angelahp on twitter
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  4. Luv2CUSmile
    Twitter: Luv2CUSmyle

    I love it! I am going to have to look into getting one. I saved the site in my Favs- Thx so much!


  5. Michele McGraw
    Twitter: ScrappinMichele

    I’m going to buy one right now. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get myself organized and this is perfect because I can customize it myself. I do a lot of my organizing on my iPhone, but I still needed something I could look at and have available at home for everyone to see. This is perfect. Thanks for the review.
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