BlogHer ’09: The Journey Begins

Two strangers, brought together by pure chance, nervously introduce themselves and settle in for a long plane ride. He was completely unaware that he was sitting next to THE original “Chatty Kathy,” and if he wanted to hear the Reader’s Digest version, he should keep the entire question to himself.

“So why are you heading to Chicago?” He innocently asks, just to make conversation. Little did he know he would be getting a thorough education on all things bloggy, social media-y, and twitter-y for the next hour. …Well, it was his fault, he kept asking the questions.

“There is a huge blogging conference in Chigaco this weekend!”

Blank stare. “Oh… I … didn’t realize they would have a conference for that sort of thing. So what exactly do you do?”

The rest is history. After she launched into the evolution of blogging as we know it, and of course asked him about his own (not really so interesting) life, she then counted all the ways she madly loved her husband and kids. Hey, she was anxious!

Long story short, and slightly less dramtic, (as if it were possible) they reached their destination safely, and he mercifully found some cotton balls to soothe his bleeding ears.


ANYWAY… This was the beginning of my trek to Chicago, and the incredible time I had at BlogHer ’09! One of the highlights of the trip came at the O’Hare airport as I ran screaming to embrace my WiiMommies partner Jenn Hethcoat from!! Julie and I had seen each other a few times before, but we were thrilled to be together again. It was the first time ever, that the Wii Mommies had been in one place!

I have a friend who met his wife on eHarmony. (What does that have to do with a Wii Mommy meetup?) Well, he described the first time they met in person, recounting that they felt like they had always been together. Let me tell you, it is the same way for bloggy friends! Jenn is just as amazing as I imagined her to be, and we all got along so wonderfully. These are friends who will actually tell you when your pants make your butt look big! (“Um… you might want to put your spanx on.”)

THE highlight for me was making incredible contacts and friends at BlogHer! I hope to make sense of the whirlwind that was Chicago and post some meaningful lessons this week.

Some circulating ideas are:

  • On Bursting my Christian Bubble
  • Valuing the “who,” not the “what”
  • Knowledge Nuggets for Bloggy Success
  • Parties, Parties and more Parties: the fun of BlogHer

Now comes the hard part: finding time to actually write this stuff down! I’d love to hear the answer to this question in the comments:

What was your FIRST impression of BlogHer, right when you got there? And was it proved wrong by the end of the week?

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  1. Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam says:

    have heard such a mixture about blogher, it's great to hear a post from someone I trust. 🙂


  2. Shawnda says:

    I signed up for Blog Her, but honestly, I have not figured out how to use it fully. I would love to know more..


  3. Carolina Mama says:

    Glad you had such a great time! We had a grand time south of Chicago – same week – for my nephew's Wedding and it was everything we imagined! 🙂

    Hopefully next year no conflicts!


  4. Erika @MeSoupBlog says:

    well I would LOVE to give all my great stories here about my time at BlogHer- but …I didnt go! we lived thru you gals and all of your updates and pics! I hope you all have a great time, adn hope you spread some of the knowledge!


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