Just Put BlogHer Down… OK, Now Step AWAAAY From the Conference…

As I sat on the plane at LGA yesterday, trying to put some coherent thought together, all I got was a cloud of faces, events, products, messages from panels, candid conversations, dancing, etc, clamoring for a space in my brain.

And those were just the thoughts! The emotions were a whole new story!  I tried to pinpoint exactly which emotions I felt during the conference.  Excitement, Hope, Professional Drive, Love, Disillusionment, Female Bonding, Rejection, Loneliness, Togetherness, Acceptance, Resolve, Annoyance, Exhaustion, and so much more! At different times, at the same time, I couldn’t tell.

As I flitted through every memory I could conjure up, I realized that I needed a few days (maybe a few weeks) to really process everything.  I’m that type of person.  After last year’s BlogHer, I really couldn’t see all the wonderful relationships and opportunities that came out of it until almost a year later.  It’s an unfolding for me.

At the conference, I just hope to show other bloggers and company reps who I am. The real me.  Then, I try to come up with some creative ideas to share, based on what I’ve experienced.  So that’s what I’ll do this year too! As each little nugget becomes clear, I’ll share it… or maybe I’ll just do it…

Are you the type of person who can immediately debrief, or does it just unfold like it does for me?

The Recap

So, being completely brain dead, I did manage to squeak out some notes on the most memorable parts of the conference for me.  They may seem superficial on the surface, but each interaction represents a connection that can never be taken away, and hope for what will come for the future.

1. My NC Travel Crew was absolutely amazing! Molly Gold, of Go Mom, Inc, and Erin Lane of A Marketing Mama met up with me at the RDU airport and navigated our way from LGA to the Hilton in a cab.  I had never been to NY before, so it would NOT have been pretty for me without them!

2. The large Group Parties were tons of fun and effective networking!

I know you might dismiss the importance of parties at an event like this.  Lots of people look down on BlogHer (and women in general) because we get pedicures instead of playing with overpriced tech toys, but there are a lot of intense conversations and business deals that happen over a pedicure, believe me!   And once you’ve boogied on the dance floor, or talked over a cocktail, or made funny faces in a photo booth, you get to KNOW people. Ya know? Like really know them.  It’s a whole new level of trust, and that’s what social media is all about, right?  And don’t tell me the parties at SXSW and BlogWorld aren’t important, we all see the tweets!

Social Fiesta, hosted by Latism, had the most incredible menu, and great music!  I absolutely adore the latin culture and music, so I was excited when Daisy Dr. Mommy and I got to Salsa together!  Carolyn Gonzalez even said, “Honey, you can dance!” I take that as the highest form of compliment! This was a time of diversity, and cultural appreciation, and it was neat to feel so accepted by this group.

EZPZ, hosted by Aiming Low (possible language) and HP topped off my Friday night in Style!  Being late, I actually walked to the party. By myself. In killer heels. From the Hilton to the Time Warner Building area. I will never again believe a New Yorker who says something is close-by. Angela, from HP, had a photo booth set up, which was mesmerizing and fun.  But the best part by far was getting to hug on the miraculously inspiring Anissa Mayhew.

Anissa and Me at Blogher

SparkleCorn. What can I say? SPARKLE. CORN.  It was amazing!  It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a party where people actually dance.  And I mean DANCE! My dance partners for most of the night were beyond fun: Janine, Amy, Linda, Erin, Shannan, Who else? I know I’m forgetting!

And then there was CheeseburgHer, which gives the phrase “I can haz cheezburger” a whole new dimension.  McDonald’s Cheeseburgers.   Big Round Couches, More Dancing, Cool People.

3. My most amazing roomates, Carissa, Michele, and Melissa made Blogher 10 such an enjoyable experience!  We all know someone with a crazy roommate story, and while I knew these gals were cool, I didn’t realize how much we would click!  {and no one snored- Hallelujah!}

So what about the learning, the blogging, the geekdom? Well, most people admit that BlogHer is more about the connections than anything, but there were some amazing sessions this year.  I have to turn off the brain right now, but I’m sure I’ll be leaking BlogHer buzz for a few weeks, at least!

How was it for you?

Note: I purposely left out any meaty discussions about professional nuggets, how I “felt” or any criticism, because, like I stated earlier, I need to process.

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  1. I’m still processing, too, and feel like I will be for a long time. I completely agree that sometimes it takes months and months to see anything (relational or professional) come from these events.

    Ultimately, though, I’m glad I went. Online is fun and all, but you can’t beat a face to face connection.

    (so glad we got to meet at the end of Cheeseburgher!)


  2. Muthering Heights
    Twitter: MutheringHeight

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time! 🙂


  3. oh, im glad U had a good time!!!
    U got a hugu from Anissa?
    That IS awesome!

    Next year, I might get to see ya then!!!


  4. Danielle Smith
    Twitter: DanielleSmithTV

    I so completely agree with you. I’m still processing and trying to put together a little something…..I didn’t take enough pictures. I didn’t see everyone I wanted to see. But I did have meaningful moments…. glad I got to see you – even briefly.


  5. Isle Dance
    Twitter: isledance

    Reading, watching and listening to all who attended…this is just the best into to BlogHer, ever!


  6. Isle Dance
    Twitter: isledance

    That would be “intro” to BlogHer!


  7. Had a blast being your roomie! So glad to have had that time with you! See you at Relevant, my sweet friend!


  8. I will definitely be processing for some time. My posts will be broken down into chunks so I can get through it all. But I agree with you, it was amazing!


  9. Yoly @ YNR Live
    Twitter: cuponeandolive

    Loved meeting you! I have to agree with all those emotions as I felt very much the same way. The Aiming Low party was one of the best this year!


  10. Louise
    Twitter: momstart

    So much to process indeed. I feel like everything is all garbled up and it is going to take me a week to get it all processed. It was good to see you and I’m glad you had such a great time.


  11. Musings of a Housewife
    Twitter: jolynnemusings

    I’m just so glad I got to see you for a little bit! 🙂

    I took a different approach. I tried to put the entire experience in one blog post. PHEW! It was a long one. 🙂


  12. Carolyn G
    Twitter: carogonza

    And I just don’t tell everyone they can dance!! XOXO LOL


  13. I agree on the delayed processing and unfolding…

    I am so slammed by exhaustion when a BlogHer conference ends that I can’t even scrape together a post.

    I love the way you described all the emotions you go through at the same time. I know just what you mean.


  14. I know? 4 women, 2 beds and NO snoring? Perfect.
    I miss ya’ll!

    And I’ve been decompressing via facebook and twitter. Can’t seem to get myself to even START a BlogHer recap post.. Can I leave it to lots and lots of photos.. most with my own mug in them?? Does anyone else think that’s weird?

    Luv you.


  15. I was in your dance crew at Sparklecorn toward the end of the evening and it was AWESOME! Loved meeting you and eating that amazing cake. (OMG, what I wouldn’t do for some of that right now…)


  16. Stephanie
    Twitter: stephsday

    I felt the exact same way after BlogHer ’08 (the only year I’ve attended the conference). It was fun, tiring, exhausting, overwhelming, lonely, friendly, frightening, and exciting…all at the same time! 😉

    I definitely need time to “process” after events like that. Sometimes my biggest takeaways are discovered many weeks and/or months afterward…


    Twitter: reallifesarah

    Oh, definitely, Stephanie! I realized up to a year later what the best opportunities from BlogHer 08 were!


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