Books That Score Big With Little Readers

My second daughter, Princess, is currently learning to read in Kindergarten this year. It’s an interesting journey, as we go through the roller coaster of her wanting to read, then not wanting to. And then there are the times when she really wants to read, but frustration takes over as she can’t quite make out all the sounds.

Then there is the whole drama with the three year old! She watches Princess learning how to read, and gets so upset because she can’t yet. I tell her that she can look at the pictures, and figure out the story, but some times that’s not enough. She wants to read the words. She hangs her head and says, “Oh, I can’t wead, yet!” Now, she can say all the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, but she’s not yet “clicked” with putting the sounds together.

When I received Leslie Patricelli’s books from Team Mom, I knew They both would love them!

Higher! Higher!

Series: Leslie Patricelli Board Books
Author/ Illustrator: Leslie Patricelli
ISBN: 0763632410
Price: $15.99
Ages: 0 months and up

Baby Happy Baby Sad

author/illustrator: Leslie Patricelli
ISBN: 0763632410
Price: $6.99
Ages: 0 months and up

We read these books tonight, and Princess was really pleased with the repetitive words that she could read with absolutely no difficulty! And with her creative personality, she loved elaborating on each illustration to fill out the rest of the story.

After Princess read the books, Little Pea had to give it a go. She beamed as she read the very simple, predictable words. Not only was she interpreting the pictures, she was “reading” the words!

These books, with their bold and brightly colored illustrations are wonderful for a tiny baby just making sense of colors and shapes. They’re perfect for beginning readers, as well. And the pictures are so adorable that I found my eight year old looking over my shoulder while I was reading to the younger ones.

So Leslie Patricelli gets my highest recommendation for her children’s books! Click here to see her books from Candlewick Press

I was going to give these books away on the blog. However, I am co-hosting a charity book party with a good friend, to benefit a new library in Uganda. People can bring in their used books, so Tiffany can take them to Uganda when she goes this summer. If you’d like to learn more about Tiffany and her non-profit organization Youth 4 Uganda, click here!

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