Brats and Dogs: Up in Smoke

One of our favorite summer meals is a batch of brats from the grill! Put those babies on buns with horseradish mustard and I’m in heaven! (in moderation,of course!) After a long day at the pool, I was so looking forward to our old standard summer dinner, with fresh green beans from the garden and brown rice.

The grill heated up to the perfect temperature, the brats and hot dogs were placed with care. We turned them every few minutes and our mouths watered each time we put the tongs to work. With just a few minutes left, we closed the back door and sat on the couch for a few moments of pre-dinner peace.

Then, instead of going out to gather up our perfectly roasted… um… whatever’s in those, we were greeted by tongues of flames and black, crispy… um… whatever those look like.

The best part is: before dousing the fire, my husband said, “You better get your camera. You will definitely want to put this on your blog!” Music to my ears!

So I retreated to my kitchen and scrounged up some chicken casserole.

  • Rice: Check, already cooked
  • Canned Chicken: Check, but rather use fresh
  • Cream of Something Soup: Uh oh, nope! Let’s substitute Velveeta and sour cream.
  • Salt and Pepper, Garlic

Put it all together and what do you get? Mediocre, but edible chicken casserole with home baked pita chips. Well, it was better than feeding them the leftover pizza and crazy bread from lunch!

Got a dinner disaster you want to share?

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  1. YIKES!! What a disappointment! I can't think of a dinner disaster at the moment.


  2. Painter Mommy says:

    I love the fact that your husband said get your camera this is something you can blog about. LOL


  3. VanderbiltWife says:

    Oh, how sad. Nothing worse than not being able to eat what your heart is set on. I LOVE brats. What happened? Just too long on the grill?

    Our claim to fame is that I set an oil fire in our apartment kitchen the first time we ever had people over as a married couple. It filled the whole apartment with smoke, ruined one of my brand-new pans, and humiliated me completely!


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