Build Strength and Have Fun With an Indoor Climbing Wall

When I tell people we have an indoor climbing wall in our house, they probably conjure up images of a mansion with a bowling alley, and movie theater, and butlers… What? They really don’t? Well, they do say, “Wow!” with a look of wonder at the marvel… What? They just think we’re weird? Surely not!

ANYWAY, Building a practice climbing wall in your basement or attic is really not that complicated. You can see how my incredibly handy hubby did it in this video. When he’s done, he will add more holds so he can sort of move around in circles and build his strength. Ever since Judd’s close friend and climbing buddy, Matt moved to LA, he has missed it so much. Hopefully he’ll get back in cliff-scaling shape by the spring.

Untitled from Sarah Pinnix on Vimeo.

So the Indoor Climbing Wall works for us for winter fun and strength building. What works for you?

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** Always have an adult spotter for kids, and make sure the mattress is clear while anyone is climbing! Take all appropriate safety precautions!

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  1. I can’t wait to see the video of this! You guys are awesome and I want to come and play with you!


  2. How did you connect it to the walls when it was in your basement? I like this Idea but our basement has no framing up.


  3. It Feels Like Chaos says:

    That is super cool! Now I’m wishing for a basement, too bad I live at sea level!


  4. That is really neat! I never thought about one not being super high and dangerous.


  5. Donna @ Way More Homemade says:

    My 7 y/o loves rock climging. We have a climbing gym not too far and we go there quite a bit.

    You know, I got her started in it because she was climbing the stones on my fireplace… I knew I had to find a safer option.

    Wish we still had a basement to put up a wall like that. What a great idea.


  6. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    What a great idea – so fun! And your girls are so cute, Sarah!


  7. What great feats of strength and finesse by the Spidergirls and also the Spider Maestro! I can almost feel the burn in my legs, just from watching. And I guess the toe-strength will ultimately contribute to the Princesses’ pederity when, later, they go up on point in dance. Multitasking in the toes and calves for sure. I’m glad I’m too old to try this.


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