Keep Christ in Christmas: Don’t Protest, Do Make a Statement

I have been hearing the last few years about the “War on Christmas,” retailers replacing “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays,” atheists insisting to have signs placed beside public Christian holiday displays, the banning of traditional Christmas Carols in schools, etc. I don’t usually even read email chain forwards, but I received one today that I […]

Devotion: How is Carving a Pumpkin Like Being a Christian?

I used to be completely against acknowledging anything about Halloween. When I learned the true origins based in Paganism, I was convinced that by joining in any of the traditions, I would be condoning paganism, and opening myself to demonic activity. (I do feel that, at this time in my life, I gave way too […]

Overweight? Pastor Perry Noble Can Tell You’re a Sinner

Dear Perry Noble, You think you’re being “progressive” and “tolerant,” but you’re really just being ignorant and judgmental. Noble’s most recent blog post sought to clarify a statement he had made in a previous post. I think he made things worse. The world would change in an unbelievable way if the church would attack the […]

Shaming Women in the Name of Modesty

My heart is very heavy tonight, and has been for some time, when I ponder how women are often seen in evangelical Christianity today. Not just by men, but by other women as well. And I wonder what Jesus would say if he walked into one of our churches on a Sunday morning, or a […]

Help! My Daughter is Thirteen: on Parenting Teens

My daughter turned thirteen this year. THIRTEEN! I can’t believe it’s been thirteen years since my little premature princess made her debut on the earth.  When people ask how old my kids are, the wide-eyed expression often emerges when I say the dreaded number: thirteen. It’s true that the teen years can be some of […]

The day my heart wanted to leap onto a plane

I guess you could say I live in the best of both worlds, as far as Christian mission work. At my “day job” I get to be a (very) small part of  projects around the world, like bringing water to desperate people, healing in mission hospitals, helping disaster victims and refugees, and more. As a […]

The Perils of Refusing to Be Controlled

I’m less than a year away from age 40. Just typing that feels weird because sometimes I still feel like an amateur at this thing called “life.” But having 39+ years behind me does give me some clarity that only comes with age and experience. Last week, a friend mentioned reading the book “Boundaries.” Part […]

“I Can’t Do This” and Other New Mom Myths

With the appearance of those two little lines on the stick comes a flood of emotions ebbing and flowing over the next nine months. Excitement, wonder, and joy make their appearance, accompanied by uncertainty, lack of control, or even downright fear. When I was pregnant with my first baby, well-meaning people would say things like, […]

Sometimes you just need people to care that you’re there.

I’ve been at a crossroads in my life for the past year and a half. Transitioning from stay-at-home-mom to work-at-home-mom to working-out-of-the-home mom has been difficult on many levels. The first challenge was becoming the logistics coordinator for five very busy people. At home, I could be flexible during the day in order to make […]

The Mohawk Diaries: On Making People Feel Welcome

I wasn’t prepared to learn so many lessons when my husband donned a 9-inch multicolored spike mohawk for two weeks last month. The story itself is a heartwarming one. My husband Judd and his co-workers formed a Relay for Life team for one of the women, who was suffering with breast cancer. While musing about […]

When Christians Stretch the Truth

I’m always very careful when I write something like this. I want it to be clear that I LOVE the Body of Christ- His church. But this issue has been on my mind for several weeks, and every time I pray about it, my heart pounds in my chest. I don’t have all the answers, […]

The Glory of God, from Mount Jefferson NC

  Sometimes, I forget how small I am… and how big God is. But only until I climb to the top of a mountain and see this. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech […]

In Which I’m Embarrassed About My Weight

The average American woman weighs about 162 pounds and wears a size 14. Average. According to that statistic, I am slightly below average (1-2 sizes to be exact). I am on the high side of normal BMI, but by no means am I significantly overweight.  Of course, I would love to be in better shape, […]

At first I thought I looked old in this photo…

But then, I realized it was something else. As I looked at it, I could hear myself say: “I know some things that you young women have yet to learn. See those wrinkles between my eyes? I earned those.” I don’t say that to be snooty, but as an encouragement. You see, when I was […]

The Heart and Soul of Breast Cancer Awareness: I Am Pink

Ah, the colors of Fall: Deep orange, bright yellow, fiery red, soothing brown… and hot PINK. Yes, that’s right- pink– bringing to mind the fact that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at some time in their lives. (source) This truth has been made real to me, as I’ve watched […]