The day my heart wanted to leap onto a plane

I guess you could say I live in the best of both worlds, as far as Christian mission work. At my “day job” I get to be a (very) small part of  projects around the world, like bringing water to desperate people, healing in mission hospitals, helping disaster victims and refugees, and more. As a […]

The Mohawk Diaries: On Making People Feel Welcome

I wasn’t prepared to learn so many lessons when my husband donned a 9-inch multicolored spike mohawk for two weeks last month. The story itself is a heartwarming one. My husband Judd and his co-workers formed a Relay for Life team for one of the women, who was suffering with breast cancer. While musing about […]

The Heart and Soul of Breast Cancer Awareness: I Am Pink

Ah, the colors of Fall: Deep orange, bright yellow, fiery red, soothing brown… and hot PINK. Yes, that’s right- pink– bringing to mind the fact that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at some time in their lives. (source) This truth has been made real to me, as I’ve watched […]

Hanes Pink & Breast Cancer Research: “Been There, Got the T-Shirt”

(and by “been there,’ I mean, I went to the Hanes Pink site and made a t-shirt. Thankfully, I haven’t been through cancer. But there’s nothing guaranteeing I wont someday.) Several months ago, my husband and I got some news that was potentially devastating. My sweet mother-in-law told us that she had been diagnosed with […]

I Wore the Blood:Water Belt!

I’m not usually a belt-wearer.  I used to be… before I had my children. But these days I spend more energy drawing attention away from my waistline! When I heard about a special belt that was making it’s way throughout the country to raise funds for the Blood:Water Mission, I just HAD to participate! My […]

Haiti: the 1-Year Anniversary of the Earthquake, and Beyond

Last week, the one-year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti came and went. There was a lot of attention focused once again on the devastated country, in the media and in social media. Twitter lit up with people sharing stories about Haiti, and the Haitian people, reaching out for charity donations and posting pictures of […]

Giving Back on Girls Night Out with Heart Of Haiti!

“Trade, not Aid”  It’s a really cool concept. Giving direct aid to devastated countries is a very important function of a blessed nation, and individuals, as well.  But we also have to have a long term vision.  What are they going to do when the crisis is deemed over and the aid stops coming? You […]

Random Acts of Zhu Brought Christmas Joy to Needy Kids!

This holiday season has brought so many blessings to our family. One of the best blessings this year has been our focus on giving.  We have given to children across the globe through one of our favorite relief ministries, which is always great fun for the kids.  And this year was the first year we […]

Heart of Haiti Gifts to Bless Your Teachers’ Hearts (Discount Code)

This week has been “Teacher Gift Week” here at Real Life, where I’ve shared homemade and inexpensive gifts that I’ve done for teachers.  Today, I have a special suggestion that will bless their hearts as well as show your appreciation for your child’s teacher. I wrote Why I have a heart for Haiti this Holiday […]

A Speck, a Prayer, and 8 Million Shoeboxes

Sometimes I feel like I’m a pretty big deal. I mean, I have this blog, right? (snort) And.. oh, yeah… I’m on YouTube.  That’s something, right? I know just about everyone in my small mountain town, so everyone here is kinda famous… ya know, since we all know each other! But then… God draws me […]

Too Late To Pack a Box for Operation Christmas Child? NO!

I have a confession to make. Three of the six OCC Shoeboxes we took to church this year… were really from last year.  I know!  We packed them right before National Collection Week, and then we got sick and stayed home from Church the day they collected them.  You say, “But Sarah!  You live in […]

Why I Have a Heart for Haiti this Holiday Season

My children ask: “What are we having for dinner tonight, mom? Not green beans AGAIN?!” Some children ask: “Are we having dinner tonight? It’s OK, I can wait till school tomorrow.” My children ask: “Should I wear my dark jeans or light ones with this shirt?” Some children ask: “What will we do when my […]

Packing OCC Shoeboxes with MOPS! {Fun Video}

I went to our church’s MOPS meeting for the first time this year to participate in their Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party! It was a breath of fresh air to see my MOPS friends again, since my kids aged out this  year. It was a sweet time of fellowship, and knowing that we would […]

30 Day Giving Challenge, with Kingdom First Mom

I recently spent time with Alyssa Francis from Kingdom First Mom at the Relevant Conference in PA.  I had known Alyssa before, but hadn’t really shared any heart-to-heart conversations with her, until we had to co-speak on two panels together at Relevant!  I enjoyed spending time with her SO much, and this girl knows her […]

Show Your Operation Christmas Child Love on “Shoe Tube” (and WIN!)

One Shoebox. One Family. Packing Simple Gifts. Bringing a message to the “forgotten” of the world. “You are loved by God, and his people.” “God hears your heart.” “He came for you.” The message for our children is equally poignant. Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. […]