Why I’m Sort of Afraid of Diversity…

Because I make mistakes.  I sometimes say things that offend people without realizing it.  People hurt, and it makes me so sad that it was at my words. I don’t know if our society is more sensitive in the last several years, or if being on social media has made me see it more. People, […]

Worldless Wednesday: Praying for a Friend

This is my friend Amy and me at the Blissdom Conference. I’m praying for her today… nothing urgent, just because. Are you praying for anyone specific today? Shared with 5 Minutes for Mom, Dear Crissy, Divine Miss Mommy

On the Popular Crowd, and the Anti-Elitist

This post may seem snarky and negative at first, but that is NOT the message, I promise!  Keep reading. We all remember her from High School: the cheerleader, we’ll call her Buffy. (The mean one, not the nice one.  I don’t want to categorize all cheerleaders. Lots of my friends were cheerleaders in High School!) […]

A Friend in Need

I’ve had a story of friendship that I’ve been wanting to share lately.  Throughout my life, I’ve had the privilege to share moments with lots of friends. There are “seasons” of friendship when we walk very closely with a friend, and then there are times when the friendship lives on in our hearts until we […]