Busy Mom Meal Plan: Venison Chili and More

On Sundays, I usually try to keep the schedule clear, so I can catch up on the to-do list before starting another week. Many of my friends love hearing what I’m making, and I love sharing ideas. Click here to see my previous Busy Mom Meal Plan posts.  This week’s plan  includes one new recipe […]

What To Do With Leftover Grilled Chicken?

Leftover grilled chicken + sautéed onions and peppers + pepper jack cheese + “We’re out of tortillas” = Any questions?

Working Mom Weekly Meal Plan: Bowtie Pasta Bake and More

It has really surprised me how many people have given me feedback as I’ve posted my weekly menu plans. And it seems that’s the ONLY thing I’ve had time to post on the blog. I thought I’d write a little about the process I go through each weekend to help you start to create menus. […]

Make-Ahead Meal Plan: Meatball Sandwiches and More

It’s true that all moms are working moms. Whether you work outside the home or in the home, juggling weekday meals with work, school, and evening activities is always a challenge. Last week I shared my meal plan, and several people said it helped them with ideas for their own families. Tonight, I pre-made my […]

Menu Plan for a Working Mom: Panko-Crusted Tilapia and More

I’ve been working full time outside the home for about a year and a half. Previously, I was self-employed, working at home, while my children were little.  Finding the time and energy to do the grocery shopping and cooking after 8-9 hours at the office is one of the major challenges of working outside the […]

Working Moms: Email Photos to Your Desk!

Since I have become a Working (Outside the Home) Mom, our family routines have been absolutely turned on their head.  I have found solutions, like Once A Month Cooking, and creative laundry solutions to cope with the change, and we’re taking each new challenge as it comes. Once challenge that faced me AT work, was […]

How Do You Deal With Dinner as a Working (OH) Mom

All moms work. HARD. But when you work outside the home each day, dinner can be a significant challenge. Honestly, I thought that sometimes it was difficult to get dinner on the table as a Work-at-Home Mom. But now, since I get home around 5-5:30 each day, it kills me to get dinner on the […]

I’m a “Work Outside the Home” Mom Now!

Yes, I’ve done it.  I bit the bullet.  Found my dream job. Went all in. Went full time to the … [gasp] office! I remember once not too long ago, my dear friend, and social media maven, Amy Lupold Bair asked on Facebook, “If you could work for just one company, who would it be?” […]