Southern Chow Chow from the Garden

When this Northeastern Italian/Irish gal married her Southern husband , she got a proper introduction to southern food.  I went from saying, “So… you just eat the pinto beans by themselves?” and “What the heck is Chow Chow?“, to insisting on stone ground cornmeal for my homemade cornbread and singing praises for beans in a […]

Garden Report!

Time for a garden report! Our redneck gardening tricks worked for a while, but the Caution Tape did not daunt an army of deer who badly wanted our green beans. Back to the fencing for next year. We did manage to get some veggies this week, and still have lots growing, despite run away weeds. […]

Easy Herb Gardening: Container Garden

As I was chatting on Twitter last night, I mentioned that I love cooking with herbs from my garden.  Some of my friends were very impressed, and I thought, “I bet they don’t know how easy it is!”  So I made this video, showing you my container herb garden, and how easy it is to […]

Keys to Redneck Gardening

One of the reasons I love living in the country is having a large vegetable garden. One of the other reasons is that it can be far enough away from the house so it doesn’t have to look good. You really don’t need any of those fancy schmancy raised beds or fencing, beautiful scarecrows and […]

Got Questions About Landscaping? Ask ‘Em Here

This MomTV Episode has already aired, and you can watch it below.  (I guarantee you will laugh- with us or at us) In this episode we give ideas for a variety container planter, growing herbs, managing hostas, drainage problems, and more!  Feel free to leave a question below, and we will try to get back […]

Bird House Gourds: Grown, Dried and Painted

When my husband brought home some birdhouse gourd seeds last spring, he was so excited about growing our own gourds, painting them and making birdhouses out of them. All I could think was, “Wow, that seems like a lot of work.”  But since he did the work of planting the garden, I smiled and said […]

My Recipe for Homemade Tomato Sauce + A Few Tips

I’ve noticed that lot’s of visitors arrive at this post via Google Search. If you like what you see here, please leave me a comment so I know it was helpful. This week’s post will earn you the “Homemaker of the Year” award from your family! Last week, a good friend offered me some heirloom […]