How to Get Rid of Lice Without Using Chemicals

It’s about that time again! Back-to-school time? Well, yes – time for school supplies and new clothes and locker combinations. It’s also time for head checks, itchy scalps and and those little demon bugs we call lice. Whenever hundreds of children get together in close proximity in warm weather, the threat of lice is there. […]

How to wear cheap nail polish

I’m just not the manicure-every-week kind of person. It’s expensive, and who has that kind of time? But I do like to have cool nails every now and then. We know the drill, though. Unless you get the “good stuff” you’ll be peeling off chips in a day. Well, I have a secret to wearing […]

Backyard Barbecue Kits: Teacher Gifts under $5

There’s always a parent at each school. This parent is the one that elicits oohs and aahs from the teachers when they realize her child is in their class. She is always there to volunteer, and gives the best teacher gifts at Christmas and the end of the year. While I am not this mom, […]

Got Cold Feet? (Or Cold Hands?)

I don’t know about you, but my hands and feet get SO cold in the winter! And even in the summer, after getting out of cold pool water in the mountain breeze. I have one daughter who is always cold! So having hand warmers and foot warmers around our house is always a good idea. […]

Cute, Inexpensive Party Favor Bags!

We are in full prep mode for my daughter’s 10th birthday party. Being in January, it is almost ALWAYS postponed, due to snowy weather! This year is no exception, but it looks like it will actually happen on the second try this year! I always like to look for creative ways to do party favor […]

How to Keep Front Loading Washers Mold-Free

“Wait,” you say. “You don’t have a front loading washer!” Why yes, you are correct! But one of my best friends Amber does!  And she doesn’t have a blog, so I will be her surrogate blogger for the day! I was hanging out at her house the other day, doing laundry.  Well, she was doing […]

Organizing with Molly Gold: Fall Wardrobe Switch, School Papers & a GIVEAWAY

I was excited to attend a conference call last week with Sam’s Club and organizing expert Molly Gold, of GOMOM inc. I always learn so much when I spend time with Molly, and it seems like she has a good system for every organizing and scheduling problem! I’ve included some great notes from the call […]

6 Pumpkin Posts: Carving, Devotions, Crafts, Birthdays, & PIES!

It’s about that time of the year! Autumn? Oh, yes, but I prefer to call it “Pumpkin Season!”  Pumpkins are quite possibly one of the most ingenious fruits created by God. (Yes, the pumpkin technically is a FRUIT, not a vegetable). Pumpkins are great for everything from crafting to eating, so I’ve compiled the pumpkin […]

Fresh Ideas for Greener Living

I will never put myself forth as a “poster child” for green living. I know I have a long way to go.  But I do take little steps when I identify something we can change as a family. I do like to do research to find out if the methods I’m using really ARE greener, […]

Smart Mom Solutions!

I recently had a wonderful time traveling to Cary, NC to see some fellow moms,  mom bloggers, and one of my heroes Maria Bailey, of MomSelect and MomTV! The event was the Smart Mom Solutions Roadshow! We came together with several moms from around the state, as well as those watching live on MomTV for […]

All I Really Need to Know About Public Speaking, I Learned From Teaching Kindergarten

I have been very blessed to be able to speak to several groups lately, and I’ve been thinking about how much FUN I’m having! I’ve been a performer all my life, whether it’s dancing, singing, or acting.  I think public speaking is a lot like performing: you have to entertain, educate and inspire. Teaching children […]

Baby Steps to “Green” Your Kitchen ( And Save Some Green)

Wait! Don’t forget to enter my HP TouchSmart Web Printer Giveaway! The other night on Twitter, Daisy (@DrMommy) asked a question?  “What is an inexpensive idea for cloth napkins?” She was trying to get rid of the paper napkins as a first step to reducing waste.  I had the perfect answer! (Well, I thought so […]

“Welcome Home!” or “Wherefore Art Thou Power?”

I’m posting at my local blog today, High Country Mom Squad. We are in the middle of one of the worst ice storms ever and most of the area has been without power for days.  Here’s my take on it: Oh, I know, “wherefore” really means “why,” but it sounds so much more interesting than […]

Real Life Cleaning Tips

I think it’s very helpful that we moms (and dads) give each other tips and tricks that work for us.  But sometimes I get that “June-Cleaver-Martha-Stewart gag-me-with-a-spoon” feeling when I share all the wonderful things(all three of them) that we do here at our home. I mean, this is Real Life, right? So today, I […]

Works For Me – Harris Teeter and The Grocery Game

It’s time for the Brand-Loyal edition of Works For Me Wednesday, hosted at Rocks in my Dryer. Mine is not really a brand, but I am oh so loyal to Harris Teeter grocery stores, here’s why: True confession: I usually get my groceries for half-price or less! My weekly budget is about $75 for a […]