Maleficent: Should Kids Watch The Movie?

When the making of the movie Maleficent was first announced, I expected the usual mildly entertaining, slightly darker, live-action retelling of a classic fairy tale, ala Mirror Mirror,  101 Dalmatians, Hook,  Enchanted, or Snow White and the Huntsman. My husband and I watched in the theater on opening night, and what we saw was so much […]

Working Moms: Email Photos to Your Desk!

Since I have become a Working (Outside the Home) Mom, our family routines have been absolutely turned on their head.  I have found solutions, like Once A Month Cooking, and creative laundry solutions to cope with the change, and we’re taking each new challenge as it comes. Once challenge that faced me AT work, was […]

Summer Grill-tastic Recipe Swap…Share Recipes, WIN Prizes!

Each year, when the grass turns green, the sun stays out longer, and the gentle breeze blows though the mountains, I get excited about one thing: GRILLING! There’s something about cooking my food outside on an open flame (even if that flame is powered by propane), that’s makes me feel alive. Although I did go […]

Hot Toys for Boys this Christmas! Win a Big Foot Remote Control Monster!

I spent a lot of time with one of my nephews this weekend,  getting a crash course reminder in the fundamental differences between the genders! Being the mom of three girls sometimes puts me in a Twilight Zone of feather boas, ballet shoes, and baby dolls. So it’s fun to step into the rough and […]

We All Scream for Lovin’ Scoopful Ice Cream Giveaway!

A while ago, I posted a delectable recipe for Pumpkin Spice “Cake & Ice Cream Cupcakes” with Lovin’ Scoopful Gourmet Ice Cream. They are YUM, by the way! Well, from now until December 26, Lovin’ Scoopful is BUY ONE GET ONE FREE at Bi-Lo Stores across the SouthEast! Don’t have a Bi-Lo? Click here to […]

Exclusive KODAK Gallery Halloween Photo Book ($50 Giveaway)

So the Halloween season, otherwise known as “Dress Up Season” in our house, has come and gone.  We came, we saw, we wore freaky costumes… and we took LOTS of photos! Here are my three Cheerleaders! So the question is, “what do you do with all the photos you’ve uploaded from your digital camera?”  You […]

Organizing with Molly Gold: Fall Wardrobe Switch, School Papers & a GIVEAWAY

I was excited to attend a conference call last week with Sam’s Club and organizing expert Molly Gold, of GOMOM inc. I always learn so much when I spend time with Molly, and it seems like she has a good system for every organizing and scheduling problem! I’ve included some great notes from the call […]

Family Bonding with Video Games (Nintendo DSi Giveaway!)

The contest is closed, winner is Christine. Up until a few years ago, we were not at all a gaming family.  We didn’t even own a gaming system.  My husband never really got into the video games that many of his friends played constantly.  Plus, we have three girls.  We had honestly never imagined that […]

“Swank” Suede Boots from Earth Footwear! (Giveaway)

Contest is Closed. Winner is comment #34 Libby I first heard about Earth Footwear at the Type A Mom Conference last year, where they were sponsors. This was the first time I had heard of a shoe making a difference in posture, calorie burn, and toning.  It intrigued me to think that a shoe could […]

Stop the Presses! I Like the Cheese! (Weight Watchers Giveaway)

While talking with Maria Bailey (co-founder of MomTV) once about grocery shopping, she asked me if I buy store brand cheese to save money. I immediately declared, “Absolutely not! I will not buy store brand cheese, or low-fat cheese, it’s full-fat name brand or bust!”  I hadn’t really tried a brand of low-fat cheese I […]

HP + Disney = Creative Kids!

At the Pinnix house, we have been test driving the HP PhotoSmart Touch Smart Webprinter, and absolutely loving it!  My kids are constantly finding new activities and coloring sheets to print out themselves, since the printer has it’s own internet connection.  And the best part is: They don’t have to use (or mess up) my […]

Back on the Weight Watchers Wagon with Subway (giveaway)

We have such a busy life, as a family, and we are always having to grab food on the go.  And since we live 20 minutes out of town, we can’t just scoot home for a quick bite. One of the reasons I love Weight Watchers is because I can eat out and know for […]

Jewelry Review and Giveaway from Ella Sky Designs

Contest is closed.  Winner is #55 Keri H. A while ago, I received a message from a friend of my mom’s.  Actually the wife of a friend, but details details!  Anyway, it turns out that fellow mom Kristin McDonald is a fabulous jewelry designer and owner of a company called Ella Skye Designs, and I […]

LikeWear Clothing Review and Giveaway

Contest is closed. The winner is Comment #41 Cindy LikeWear® is a modern-day fusion of a fun, boutique children’s clothing line and more traditional party plan direct sales companies, founded by experienced parents. They’ve combined kids’ clothing desires with the needs of moms to provide a flexible and financially rewarding way to earn money or […]

Uprinting 16×20 Rolled Canvas Print (Giveaway)

Contest is Closed, Winner is Comment #7 Shawna Lee Uprinting is back with a great giveaway for our Summer Giveaway Splash!! I received a 16×20 wrapped canvas print last year for review, and it turned out absolutely gorgeous!  It’s a photo of Rainbow Row in Charleston, and I have it centered above my piano in […]