Facebook Tips for Bloggers, from Matt Jacobson

At the Disney Social Media Moms, we were excited to hear from Matt Jacobson, director of Market Development at Facebook. Yes, as in Facebook, the company. He was the 8th employee of Facebook in the early days. He gave us some tips and “Best Practices” for getting the most out of Facebook. Current Facebook Trends […]

What Makes a Great Blog Design? | Ask a Mom Blogger

Welcome to the second installment of “Ask a Mom Blogger!”  Our weekly advice column for bloggers, where we can share our tips, tricks, and how-to information with each other! Each Thursday, I’ll post a reader question and we can go to town in the comments! Last week, we talked about how to get more traffic […]

How Do I Get More Blog Traffic? | Ask a Mom Blogger

Yesterday, I was inspired by Stacie to start an advice column of sorts.  Not that I have all the answers, but the best thing about a BLOG advice column is that we can get lots of answers in the comments from a variety of different people! Our first question comes from Wendy from Living Water… […]

Ask a Mom Blogger

The blogging moms community is one of the most innovative, creative, generous communities I’ve ever known.  Yes, we can have our quirks, but usually, we are all about sharing information with each other, lifting each other up.  So I’d like to create an environment to do that here at Real Life Blog, ask for information […]

Are You A Bona Fide Blogger?

Chele, from The Bona Fide Life asked me to guest post about being a “Bona Fide Blogger.”   I’ve known Chele for a while now, and she is a joy to know!  Click over to The Bona Fide Life and join the conversation!  What do YOU think characterizes a Bona Fide Blogger? I have spent […]

The Mom Blog Buzz: My New MomTV Show!!

Wednesdays 8PM, eastern. I am  recreating my live, interactive MomTV show!  For over a year and a half, I’ve been sharing tips, tricks, and hot topics with moms with the “Get Real” show. I’ve had so much fun connecting with everyone there! Well, now…The show will be… The Mom Blog Buzz I’ll be covering all […]

Weekend Blog Reading, 10/9/2010

I recently read something (I can’t remember where) about the power of linking to blog posts you want to share.  As opposed to tweeting them, which is great to do in addition.  Instead of just spreading the post to your followers in the moment, you actually give it some search engine juice and a lasting […]

“Where Have I Been?” and “Interviewed by Another Sarah!”

Where have I been this week? I had all kinds of plans for posts this week, but it didn’t happen!  I am working feverishly on a few local projects, one of which I can’t talk about yet.  The other is the new session of our local Social Media Workshop, Talk of the Town.  My partners, […]

Countdown to Type-A-Mom Conference, and what you’ll learn from my session

I am getting so excited about the Type-A-Mom Social Media Conference coming up in just four weeks! Not only will there be so many awesome women there (and men too), it’s within driving distance from where I live!! Do you know what that means? {Warning: long, rambling paragraph} I can bring as many clothes as […]

With Great Apologies to my Feed Readers

In trying to figure out why the SEO on this blog is having some… struggles, I realized that I have my posts syndicated several places on the web, including my “bio” site, www.sarahpinnix.net.  And since I have my feeds set to full, all of the content is duplicated in those places.  I’ve been told that […]

Your Life, Your Blog: How Video Makes You Awesome!

I am so excited to have Jendi, from Simple Vlogging Tips as guest blogger today!  I have been following Jendi for years, and absolutely love her!  She has taught me a lot about vlogging, as I’ve watched her vlogs, read Simple Vlogging Tips, and heard her speak at places like Blissdom ’10. Have you thought […]

Your Life, Your Blog: Promote Other Bloggers!

I am sorry that Your Life, Your Blog is late today! The only way I can describe last week is that a tornado of ballet costumes, bobby pins and sequins thundered through my house and evacuated us to the town Auditorium for the week! We are done, but very exhausted around here! So this week’s […]

Your Life Your Blog: Stat Trackers

(Psssst… See the new Facebook “Like” button at the bottom of this post? Hint hint) Hey, everybody!  It’s Monday again- time to share your life, and your blog!  First up, a Blogging Tip! For today’s tip, I figured I’d talk about Stat Trackers.  I’ve been using Google Analytics for a long time, and I’ve always […]

Your Life, Your Blog: Linkies!

Today, I really don’t have a blog tip, because I am so behind, I am going to just throw this post up and get to YOUR blogs! (How’s that for a run-on sentence?) Anyway, I have recently started using Simply Linked, and seem to really like it. Easy to use, free, and keeps the entry […]

Your Life Your Blog: Party Like It’s 1999… Pageviews on Your Blog, That Is

Welcome to another installment of “Your Life, Your Blog!” Each Monday, I post a blogging tip, and include a LINKY where you can promote your blog! Today’s tip is about BLOG PARTIES, carnivals, and memes! They are an awesome way to get the word out about your blog!  Whether it’s a weekly meme, or a […]