Going From Blogger to Social Media Consultant: Type A Parent Conference 2011

Last week, hundreds of bloggers, PR professionals, and company representatives traveled to Asheville for the fabulous four-day Type A Parent blogger conference! We hugged, we squealed, we learned, we taught, we got up at 7AM to make Ovaltine Smoothies (oh, wait, that was just me, Brandy, Jenn and Brittany). We danced, we ate (AWESOME food), […]

Type A Conference! Must Do Sessions!

In two days, I’ll be packing up the car (the little red clunker, that is.  It’s not pretty, but my husband needs the van to take the kids to the beach- Waaah), and heading to the amazing city of Asheville for the Type A Parent Blogging Conference!  I am super excited to see all my […]

In Photos: Disney Social Media Moms, Day 1

Here are the photos from our first day at Disney World in Orlando.  We’re so thankful to be here with the Disney Social Media Moms Conference, where I’m learning about social media, and having a blast with my family! Disclosure: As a part of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I am receiving complimentary items, […]

Facebook Tips for Bloggers, from Matt Jacobson

At the Disney Social Media Moms, we were excited to hear from Matt Jacobson, director of Market Development at Facebook. Yes, as in Facebook, the company. He was the 8th employee of Facebook in the early days. He gave us some tips and “Best Practices” for getting the most out of Facebook. Current Facebook Trends […]

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas Perform Live: Disney World Flashback

As we’re gearing up for the 2011 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Walt Disney World in Orlando, I went back and watched some of my video footage from last year’s conference.  I found a gem that I neglected to post! On the last night of the celebration, We were treated to an amazing multicultural […]

Missed Something at Blissdom? Get Everything at Home!

After three years of attending the Blissdom Social Media Conference, it never ceases to get better and better each year.  The awesome networking, the brands who create fun interactive experiences for us, the musical entertainment, the swanky parties (To which everyone is invited!).  But by far the best thing about Blissdom is the professional teaching […]

The Blissdom Recaps I Wish I’d Written

I’m not very good at conference recaps. I have all these ideas swimming around in my head during conferences. I take notes, even. But somehow, when I get back the rush of daily responsibilities, plus the piled up work I didn’t get to while I was gone choke out my ability to type out a […]

The Relevant Conference: Building Bonds, Breaking the Mold, Healing Hearts

I am so excited for The Relevant Conference this week! I cannot believe it is already here!  I’ll be boarding a place Thursday morning- EARLY! (have I mentioned I’m not a morning person?)- to travel to PA to meet tons of amazing Christian Bloggers!  I love how Relevant will combine our faith with the art […]

If you Missed Type A Mom Conference…

… You might want to head over to Christina Gleason’s blog, Cutest Kid Ever! She live-blogged each session she was in, which is incredibly amazing to me.  I do not have the skills for that, but thank goodness for those who do! Anyway, she has some amazingly thorough recaps to peruse, whether you attended the […]

NC Bloggers Take Asheville, for Type-A-Mom 2010!

Many people have arrived at this post searching for information about Gina Carlin, a blogger who was supposed to attend the conference.  I found out the day of the conference that she had passed away, but didn’t know if I should post about it.  I never met Gina, but we have a mutual friend, and […]

Talking Revelvant Conference with Chatterbox Christie on BlogTalkRadio

I am so excited to be a guest on Blog Talk Radio today with Christie Crowder and the Chatterbox Show! I am speaking at the Relevant Conference in October, and Christie wants the scoop on this one-of-a-kind blogging/social media conference. The organizers Sarah Mae, Jessica Heights, and Dana Adams have created a gathering of kindred […]

Just Put BlogHer Down… OK, Now Step AWAAAY From the Conference…

As I sat on the plane at LGA yesterday, trying to put some coherent thought together, all I got was a cloud of faces, events, products, messages from panels, candid conversations, dancing, etc, clamoring for a space in my brain. And those were just the thoughts! The emotions were a whole new story!  I tried […]

Prayer for Christian Bloggers at BlogHer Conference

Whenever I go to a big social media conference, I prepare by packing, RSVP-ing to events, connecting with people I want to see. OK, I go shopping too.  But I don’t want to forget one of the most important parts of preparation- PRAYER. I saw a tweet that asked if we see our blogs as […]

A New Kind of Blog Conference: Relevant 10

For a few years now, I’ve heard lots of Christian Bloggers wanting a blogging conference that covers issues unique to them. I have felt the same way, as well, on occasion. Although I am more than comfortable around all types of bloggers, it’s can be nice to be in the presence of true kindred spirits. […]

Operation Christmas Child Blissdom Shoebox Report (and a cute video)

Do you know what the letters OCC stand for? If you’ve read my blog a lot, lately, you do. But I decided to put some bloggers at the Blissdom Conference in Nashville to the test. I think you’re going to love this video- a sort of “man on the street” segment about the abreiviation OCC! […]