MomTV’s The Mom Blog Buzz: Relevant Reflections

Tonight on MomTV, The Mom Blog Buzz, we’ll reflect on the Relevant Conference: The Blogging Education, and the spiritual messages. Many attendees have decided to stop or cut back their blogging, and others have a renewed passion and focus. If you weren’t there, come hear the highlights. If you were, come share your perspective! CLICK […]

The Best of MomTV on the Pulse Network

I was so happy that Maria Bailey asked me to appear with her on “The Best of MomTV” on the Pulse Network!  Maria hosts the show every Friday at 1PM eastern, and highlights several of the best moments throughout the week. This episode featured me, Leslie from Life Simplified, Kelly from Everyday Childhood, Mel, from […]

The Mom Blog Buzz: My New MomTV Show!!

Wednesdays 8PM, eastern. I am  recreating my live, interactive MomTV show!  For over a year and a half, I’ve been sharing tips, tricks, and hot topics with moms with the “Get Real” show. I’ve had so much fun connecting with everyone there! Well, now…The show will be… The Mom Blog Buzz I’ll be covering all […]

We Came, We Saw, We Gave Away an Ocean Isle Vacation

Well, we are wrapping up our family vacation at Ocean Isle Inn in beautiful Ocean Isle, NC! I can’t wait to share all the photos and good times with you.  I even got a little bit of inspiration while I was here, and I’m looking forward to writing a little deeper again her on the […]

Got Questions About Landscaping? Ask ‘Em Here

This MomTV Episode has already aired, and you can watch it below.  (I guarantee you will laugh- with us or at us) In this episode we give ideas for a variety container planter, growing herbs, managing hostas, drainage problems, and more!  Feel free to leave a question below, and we will try to get back […]

GET REAL on MomTV: Competition Among Women

Last night, Kelby Carr joined me on my MomTV Show, Get Real, to talk about competition among women, particularly in the Blogging/Social Media world.  However, you could really take these points and apply them to any situation in life where you desire success. Kelby wrote this incredible article dealing with the issue of Competition in […]

GET REAL on MomTV: Shamelessly Promote Yourself… Really!

This week’s GET REAL MomTV show will be devoted not to me, but to YOU!  One of my favorite things lately is just to highlight what others are doing.  Maybe because I’m not doing anything myself?  Surely not! 🙂 But especially with my MomTV Show, I want to create a community, which is mutually beneficial […]

Get Real on MomTV: Teaching Your Kids to Accept Diversity

“Get Real” is my live video webcast on! We are live each Wednesday evening at 8PM eastern! In this episode, my dear friend Tiffany joins me to talk about teaching our kids to accept diversity! We had the most AWESOME conversation, and enjoyed everyone interacting in the chat room. You can watch the episode […]

Get Real on MomTV: Pantry Stretch Challenge!

On this episode of Get Real on MomTV, I challenge viewers to stretch the food in your pantry to save money! Watch as they give me their pantry contents, and I try to come up with meals for them. Can you use Tomatoes, Instant Oatmeal and Sardines in a meal? That’s what @Scrappinmichele had to […]

Get Real on MomTV: Long- Distance Friendships

In this episode of Get Real on MomTV, my friend Morgan visits from across the country to talk about long distance friendships! We are giving tips about keeping your relationships strong and telling stories about our friendship!  There is even some hilarious appearances by our husbands.  Watch other past episodes at (Click MENU>VIEW MOVIES), […]

GET REAL on MomTV moves to Primetime Wednesdays

I am SO excited to be moving my MomTV Live Video Show to Wednesdays at 8PM eastern! I have loved being at 1:00 in the afternoon, too, but it’s so busy for me on Thursdays that the change  is going to be a lot better and more relaxed. I’m still a little nervous about the […]

Get Real on MomTV: Waste Not Want Not

Join me today at 1 PM est on MomTV for my live video show, Get Real! We always have a great time on Get Real, but it wouldn’t be the same without everyone who comes each week! Last night, a few friends from twitter were watching an old episode, involving a Hannah Montana wig and […]

Get Real: Teacher Gifts!

This week on MomTV’s Get Real, we explored the good, the bad, and the U-G-L-Y! (as in… “you ain’t got no alibi”) In this episode, I’ll show you a really cute Cake-in-a-Cup gift, and practical ways to dress up any gift! We featured many handcrafted items that you can get from ETSY stores, like Niki’s […]

MomTV: Regular Moms… on TV!

If you’ve been hanging around my blog for any time, you have heard me talk about! You may have watched my show, or videos I’ve posted, or you may not even realize what it is! Mom TV is a quickly growing community designed for video sharing on topics that are important to its members. […]

Get Real on MomTV! Operation Christmas Child Packing Party Thursday!

I am SO excited about this Thursday’s Mom TV show! We are hosting a Virtual Packing Party for Operation Christmas Child! We are most likely going to broadcast directly from the National Headquarters here in Boone NC, and Jen from One Mom’s World will be co-hosting with me! CLICK HERE to see the show live […]