10 Steps to the Perfect Tie-Dye [VIDEO]

My husband and I (with some awesome parent helpers), tie-dyed shirts with over 100 Middle School Band members last week. It was… an experience.  We had some left over, and finished the t-shirts with the family. We’ve gotten so many compliments on the brightness of the colors and generally how good they looked. So we […]

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials 2011

I have to admit, I didn’t watch much of the Super Bowl last night.  We had just a couple of friends over to watch (or not watch) the game projected in a 9 foot square on the wall.  Yup, I mostly chatted with the girls in the kitchen, and ate yummy food. But I did […]

Fire Extinguisher Safety with UL (Video& Giveaway)

I traveled to Durham, NC to one of the Underwriters Laboratories testing facilities. John, a long-time UL Engineer gave us lessons in fire extinguisher safety, how to use a fire extinguisher, and how they test fire extinguishers. This video proves that safety CAN be fun! Learn more at www.SafetyAtHome.com! (If you’re reading this in a […]

Your Life, Your Blog: How Video Makes You Awesome!

I am so excited to have Jendi, from Simple Vlogging Tips as guest blogger today!  I have been following Jendi for years, and absolutely love her!  She has taught me a lot about vlogging, as I’ve watched her vlogs, read Simple Vlogging Tips, and heard her speak at places like Blissdom ’10. Have you thought […]

Get Real on MomTV: Long- Distance Friendships

In this episode of Get Real on MomTV, my friend Morgan visits from across the country to talk about long distance friendships! We are giving tips about keeping your relationships strong and telling stories about our friendship!  There is even some hilarious appearances by our husbands.  Watch other past episodes at www.momtv.com/getrealplayback.html (Click MENU>VIEW MOVIES), […]

Operation Christmas Child Blissdom Shoebox Report (and a cute video)

Do you know what the letters OCC stand for? If you’ve read my blog a lot, lately, you do. But I decided to put some bloggers at the Blissdom Conference in Nashville to the test. I think you’re going to love this video- a sort of “man on the street” segment about the abreiviation OCC! […]

Disney Social Media Moms, Day 1

If you spend any time on Twitter, you can’t help but hear about the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. (#disneysmmoms) There are 140 Bloggers and Social Media folks registered for this conference, excited about hearing from some giants in the fied, such as Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, and Maxine Clark (Build-a-Bear). We (“we,” meaning Judd.  […]

Snowboarding Through the Neighborhood

My husband’s friend Chris faces the neighborhood road, armed with a snowboard and a camera. Will he conquer the mountain, or score a big wipe out?

Shrimp Gumbo: Real Life Sarah vs Alton Brown

How many times have I looked at a recipe, and been intimidated by it’s perceived complexity? How many times have I lacked one or two ingredients, only to abandon the entire endeavor? Well, this was bound to be the case Saturday morning when I was looking up a recipe for the Shrimp I got on […]

The Best Guacamole Ever

We had a really fun Super Bowl Party this year! Some long-time friends, and some new ones, came over to watch the game projected on the wall, 9′ x 6′. Of course, the highlight of the night for me was the food and fellowship. I thought I’d share my recipe for the best Guacamole ever. […]

E.L.F. Make-Overs at our Virtual MUAH (Make Up at Home) Party!

Last Thursday was a momentous day on my MomTV Show, Get Real. We had the first ever Virtual MUAH party with Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics, including live guests as well as webcam and chat room guests! It was so fun, and we had some great discussion with tips and tricks. The party was planned through […]

Jendi and I talk Simple Vlogging Tips!

I was so excited to “see” Jendi again, when she interviewed me for her website, Simple Vlogging Tips. Jendi and I started Vlogging (aka Video Blogging) near the same time (about a year ago), and we’ve gotten to know each other in person as well, meeting at last year’s Blissdom Conference. Jendi is truly a […]

MomTV: Regular Moms… on TV!

If you’ve been hanging around my blog for any time, you have heard me talk about MomTV.com! You may have watched my show, or videos I’ve posted, or you may not even realize what it is! Mom TV is a quickly growing community designed for video sharing on topics that are important to its members. […]

Fun With the Logitech Pro 9000 Webcam

You have GOT to see this webcam in action! Here I am playing around with the Logitech Pro 9000 webcam, which is not only great quality and easy to use, it is FUN and SILLY! In this video, look out for a pig nose, a cyborg, and the Mona Lisa (with crossed eyes). It is […]