Christmas Traditions: You Have to Start Somewhere!

This week at Real Life, I’m hosting a week of Christmas Traditions, shared by guest bloggers! I am so excited to hear about other families’ traditions, and take a peek inside their holiday! Today, we have Jessica, from Muthering Heights. (@MutheringHeight on Twitter)! (and I just LOVE her tagline, “…and other senseless sensibilities”)

My family is relatively young, as as such, we are just beginning to forge the traditions that will define the holiday season in our home.
While I plan to be exceedingly intentional about focusing our traditions on the weighty, meaningful aspects of Christmas, I have found that some of the most memorable and treasured traditions spring from spontaneous bits of fun.

I happen to be far more enthusiastic about Christmas than my husband. Generally speaking, if something festive occurs in our home, it has been my doing. So imagine my surprise as I entered my bedroom last week and discovered a lighted pine garland woven across my headboard, and my husband’s iPod playing my favorite Christmas music!

Though his intention was to delight me, and provide a nice environment in which I could read my Bible and reflect on the Christmas season, we both found the ambiance so enjoyable, that we will undoubtedly re-create it next year – and each year after!

So simple, but such a special beginning to a loving family tradition we will enjoy for decades to come!

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  1. Teri Lynne says:

    Love this!! Sorta like my Christmas tree in our room … there's something very romantic and also very calming about those soft white lights in the greenery.


  2. Anjanette aka. MommaYoung says:

    Oh that is so sweet! Thank you for sharing.


  3. Kelly @ Wisdom Begun says:

    What a sweet, sweet gesture! It is wonderful how the little things make us so happy.

    We are still a young family as well and making our own traditions slowly but surely. It is fun and I look forward to seeing which ones our children choose to continue in their own homes when they are grown.


  4. Oh that is beautiful. I can appreciate the atmosphere of the garland and lights and music created — just perfect.


  5. livelaughlove95 says:

    That's wonderful. Our bedroom gets "forgotten" when it comes to holiday decorating (the kids have little, fiber optic trees in their rooms and wrapping paper on their doors.) It would be nice to have a little Christmas in our room as well.



  6. What a very sweet gesture! Such a lovely idea that must have created such a perfect and warm atomsphere!


  7. Julie Harward says:

    what a treasure hunt…and I discovered a sweet story! Traditions are creations of the heart and always filled with love…how sweet of him! 😀


  8. That was so sweet that your husband did that for you!!!


  9. christinnjon says:

    Oh that is so neat!!!!! What a thoughtful husband! 🙂


  10. kwesterman says:

    Fun! We always put lights up in our bedroom. My husband calls it "Christmas Magic!" And wants to make everything we do a tradition. Celebrating Advent in our home is one that we're actually going to stick to, though. Even with tiny kiddos, it's meaningful and fun.


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