Come With Me to Walt Disney World This Weekend

Disney World

I admit I’m guilty of a somewhat misleading title. As I write, I’m sitting on a plane en route to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fl. It’s a little too late for you to actually come with me. But you can come with me virtually through the magic of social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Going to Disney is always an “educational experience,” especially when we parents have to fill out the planned absence forms for our kids’ schools!  We usually make them write an essay, keep a journal, or photo walk around Epcot to prove they studied cultures of the world.  All of these activities are valid, but we sort of tack them on as an extra obligation. As if the educational experience and the pure fun aren’t connected.

What if your visit to Disney Parks could take you into a deeper educational or performance experience?

What if your Disney trip wasn’t just an excuse to get out of the classroom, but a chance to intentionally go into a whole new kind of classroom?

As always with Disney, there’s good news – “It CAN!”

Why am I here this weekend?

Walt Disney World is hosting my visit this weekend so I can learn more about the Youth Education and Arts programs, and their partnership with Music in our Schools Month (March). As a former K-8 chorus, general music and drama teacher, this programming excites me even more than a Dole Whip on Main Street.

As I read through the itinerary of what we’ll be experiencing this weekend, my heart jumped with excitement and I can’t wait to show you!  Even more, I’m motivated to find a way for my girls to participate in the near future.

Song, dance, drama, marching bands, science, leadership, social studies and more are woven through the parks in ways you might not imagine.

Come along

Facebook: I’ll try to post behind the scenes photos and videos while I’m here.

Instagram: Even MORE cool photos and short video clips.

Twitter: I don’t personally know any of the others who are taking this tour with me, so I know I’ll want to stay connected with my people while I meet new friends.

 Let me know what you want to see, and what you think of the truly educational experiences.  


Disclosure: Walt Disney World is hosting me this weekend so I can learn about their education and arts programing. No other compensation will be received. All thoughts, opinions and statements are 100% my own. 

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  1. Julie
    Twitter: justprecious

    Gosh, Sarah! Sign me up for the next trip! So much to learn and do there educationally. Can’t wait to follow your magic.


    Sarah Pinnix Reply:

    Thanks Julie!


  2. We moved to FL in 2004 and as a homeschool family, we used Disney World A LOT for educational purposed. We did Christmas around the world one time – asking the different cast members how they celebrated Christmas in their country..
    We did science via roller coasters
    History – biography of Walt Disney..
    It’s great!!
    Have a fabulous time.


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