Countdown to Type-A-Mom Conference, and what you’ll learn from my session

I am getting so excited about the Type-A-Mom Social Media Conference coming up in just four weeks! Not only will there be so many awesome women there (and men too), it’s within driving distance from where I live!! Do you know what that means?

{Warning: long, rambling paragraph}

Typeamom 10 Speak BadgeI can bring as many clothes as I WANT! Woot! And shoes! I never know if I’ll be in the mood to wear what I planned so I like to bring several “just in case” outfits.  I do admit that at BlogHer, I wore the same dress Thursday AND Saturday nights.  Well, you see, I had a long maxi dress planned for Saturday, but the dancing at Sparklecorn was so awesome that it just wasn’t working for me.  Anyway… no room on the plane for the “Just in Case” dress!

Not that I get excited to dress up or anything… I usually work in jeans and a t-shirt in my home office! But Kelby always says, “come as you are.”  There is no judging at Type-A-Mom, so wear what you will feel the best in! Jeans and a t-shirt is fine and dandy!

{Long, rambling paragraph officially over}

But beyond the fashion silliness, is the incredible learning that will happen at the conference.  Last year, Type-A-Mom had a huge impact on me.  And after the crazy big-ness of BlogHer, it was refreshing to learn and network in an intimate environment and really get to know other colleagues.

So aside from hearing amazing speakers, like Aliza Sherman, Maxine Clark, David Griner, Maria Bailey and many more, I’m excited to share a little bit of knowledge at Type-A-Mom Business! (Friday). It’s not too late to upgrade your ticket for the Business session on Friday, if you want to get into the nitty gritty of making your blog into a business!

I’m speaking about Social Media Training and Consulting in Your Community, which I am very passionate about!

I realized a couple of years ago that if I wanted to Think globally, act locallymake a living out of my passion for blogging, relationships and social media, I would have to “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

And so I have.  Here are a few of the tenants of my philosophy:

  • In order to stay on top of the changing landscape of social media, I need to be actively engaged in the national/global scene.  So I work as hard as I can to make my national endeavors successful as far as reach, audience, growing community, sharing valuable content in my niche (Family and Faith)
  • At the same time, I realize the field is crowded on the national scene.  You have geniuses like Scott Stratten, Chris Brogan, Alli Worthington, Amy Lupold Bair, Janice and Susan from 5 Minutes for Mom, the list goes on.  Plus, you’ve got thousands of bloggers hanging out in the outfield with you, just waiting to catch the ball- maybe the one YOU were going for.  Now I never say don’t GO for the ball!  By all means, reach for the stars! But decide which outfield is going to be more beneficial for you to spend time in.
  • After you successfully participate in the global social media scene (notice I said “successfully”), you will have gained some expertise that you can share with your local community.  Every small business can’t afford to hire Chris, although they can read his blog for fabulous free information.  However, what you can do is to teach your local business people how to take the concepts pioneered by the likes of Chris, and customize them for their niche.  YOU can give them the specific ideas, campaigns, strategies.  You can possibly create videos, viral content on Facebook, Twitter support, or maybe even teach them how to do it all.
  • And while the thousands of bloggers are fighting over the home runs from huge brands and PR companies, you can make a quiet living in YOUR sphere of influence.
  • Additionally, there may be a gap in the types of information available on blogs and websites in your area.  I saw the need for a central location for Family information in the (tiny) High Country of NC.  So I created the High Country Mom Squad e-zine.  It’s that simple.

But you have to decide one thing: Are you going for the glory? Or are you going for professional development, and a chance to help provide for your family?  Sometimes they go together, but not always.

Of course, you’ll have to come to Type-A-Mom to hear the details of crafting a successful local social media presence.  (or you can get my eBook when I finish it… )  But here are some of the points I’ll cover:

  • The basic knowledge needed to pursue to become an expert in the eyes of my local community
  • Step by Step, laying groundwork in your community to establish yourself as an expert.
  • How to structure a local Social Media Workshop or Class to be successful.
  • Private consulting with local businesses.
  • How to discern the content gap in your local area’s online offerings, and fill it.
  • Finding sponsors for your local content.

By the way, Kelby gave me the whole session by myself. (What was she THINKING?!) So we’re going to have a lot of fun, including playground balls and snuggies.

Will you be there? Do you have any other questions?

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I'm a mom, blogger, vlogger, libertarian. I love Jesus, and my husband, too. Social Media Strategist for a Non-Profit (All statements here are solely my own)


  1. This sounds great Sarah….and making me really re-think my arrival. May just try to get a Thursday evening flight!


  2. I cannot wait for this session! I am so excited and so grateful that you are going to be sharing your knowledge with us!


  3. Awesome. Wish I was going to be there. I will be the first one in line for the Ebook. This will help so much with being the state mom for momtv. Publish it now!!!!!! Have a great evening and will be praying for you as you give your session in 4 wks.


  4. Looking forward to your session!


  5. I love how excited you are about dressing up! I also LOVE how you admitted you wore the same dress Thursday and Saturday! You’re hilarious Sarah!


  6. Chele
    Twitter: CheleChestnut

    Okay the snuggie is going to be a prop!!! WOOHOO!!!! You know I’m there right! lol. Thanks for the tips and can’t wait to hear more at the conference! XOXO


  7. Sarah,
    I am soooo excited to be attending my 1 big blog conference and I can’t wait for your session on Friday!


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