Do You Have a "Kindred Spirit" Friend?

Have you ever had the kind of friend that you could go to with anything? When the feelings bubble up from where you’ve stuffed them, when you’re angry, when you’re feeling catty, even when you know you’re wrong, you can share them with this friend. She will listen with a grain of salt. She may try to encourage you to get on the right track, but would never be sanctimonious or look down her nose. She will pray for you, when she knows you need to confront someone else, but she would never betray your trust.

I have a couple of friends like this, but one in particular. For several years, we had been confidants. I stayed by her side as she went through a difficult situation within the Body of Christ. I stood underneath her as she ventured out on her own as a leader. Were there times when I thought she could handle things a little differently? Sure. But I mainly saw my friendship as a listening ear, and a praying heart- advice when she asked.

And she did the same for me, for the most part, although this period was not a very challenging one for me in that way. I always knew that I could trust her, even when I knew God needed to change my heart, and I would say as much. “I KNOW this is wrong thinking, but I feel… can you pray with me for God to change my heart?

Have you ever had a friend like this? How long did it last?

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  1. Tara @ Feels like home says:

    I do have a friend like that. We met relatively recently (and she's a blogging friend, so we've only met twice in person), but I am more comfortable with her than with my own family. She is a kindred spirit indeed.

    I think kindred spirits are God's greatest gift to us, after our husbands and babies.


  2. casual friday every day says:

    I've had a few of those in my life time. I've reconnected with one and it's good. Though things have changed since last we were besties, we're still so close.



  3. New Mommy Blogger says:

    YES! I definitely believe in kindred spirits in friends because I have one. My best friend and I have been friends since first grade, since we were 6 years old, I'm now 28 years old. We have shared everything together and I can always go to her without judgement or criticism for support. I truly believe you need a friend like this outside of your marriage and or family. Looking forward to reading more.


  4. Muthering Heights says:

    Unfortunately, I do not. I pains me deeply. 🙁


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