Do You Stick With Your Fitness Plan?

I’m stuck. I am feeling very fatigued lately, and am working a lot! I mentally know that if I exercise, I will feel more energy to complete my day. But I just. don’t. do it.

I don’t know what to do. I just recorded a review video tonight, and when I saw it, I was really discouraged. I’d like to say I could just make myself stick to it, but it’s not working.

How do you motivate yourself to stick with your exercise/ fitness plan?

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  1. Donna @ Way More Homemade says:

    Don’t get too discouraged. You’re not alone. This is something that just about any busy mom struggles with (except those super fitness types that teach aerobics and get a high from a 10K run – weirdos). Anyways, the main thing in my schedule that I am able to stick to right now is my class. I have accountability because it is: A) built into my family’s schedule with hubs coming home early enough to take the kids, etc; and 2) someplace where I have to go and be accountable in some respect to the other people waiting for me.

    I’m not always good about exercising at home but getting out, even if you have a standing walking date with a buddy, might help.



  2. I keep my workout clothes RIGHT next to my bed-everything I need so I can see it as i jump out of bed. I dress in it (to the shoes) *immediately*. I put my workouts in my planner and decide beforehand what I will do every day (I mix it up so I know I will be missing something different if I skip a day).

    It’s also just part of my day. I get up get the kids off to school, eat and then go to the gym. I remind my 4 yo that we are going every day so that he can start nagging me to go/whining at me that he doesn’t want to go should I get distracted. 😉 I have really found that being answerable to my kids has kept me on track. In the Summer I would take them to elementary school and run on the track while they played on the jungle gym, so there was that incentive for them. I also used to run at the park while they were having swimming lessons there. Combining exercise with another activity and make it a part of your schedule is just the only way. I have to get it done first thing because if I have showered, it’s just not going to happen. I don’t shower til after I workout-that’s another incentive 😉 I used to leave all my grooming supplies at the gym-additional incentive. Mostly I just envisage how good it will feel to know I am done for the day every morning and then go do it. Good luck!! I have a few articles re: this sort of thing on my blog. 🙂


  3. That is such a struggle for so many of us! I promise myself a special treat after my workouts (I save these treats for workouts I know will be the toughest, and it’s a treat I don’t have any other time). It’s a little thing but it really helps keep me going and gives me something to look forward to.


  4. Charlene says:
  5. I know many have this same struggle. I find it in so many areas (eating well, exercising, computer time, etc.) You have already gotten some great tips, and the one thing I would add is a recent addition to my own plan to keep these beneficial activities in my schedule, and balanced.

    Every three months or so I simply plan on starting over. It seems I do really well for about a month. Second month goes okay, and the third month things start to really slide. So, then I start fresh again. New goals, new schedule, new motivation. It’s worked well so far!



  6. Paula Constable says:

    I have to make an appointment with myself. I have my Tues/Thurs exercise class as a reoccuring appointment on my calendar. I also have to have accountability. I find that classes work better for me than working out alone. When the weather is nice, I walk with friends.


  7. Chocolate! LOL For every 20 mins you exercise you can have one square of chocolate 😀


  8. Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect says:

    I don’t have an answer – just a steadily increasing number on the scale! And exhaustion that I KNOW would be helped by regular exercise!! Grrrr – why DON’T I exercise?

    Seriously – I came here to read your comments, to see what tips your readers had. My next strategy (once the weather is officially warm enough to walk) is to pack a bag with workout clothes, change at work before picking up my daughter, then heading straight to the park from the babysitter’s house. Surely THAT will work!?!?


  9. I am terrible about sticking to a fitness routine. The only times I have ever been successful were when I was doing it with a friend. It makes a big difference having someone there for you and that you can be there for.


  10. I walk my dog every morning for about an hour. That way even if I dont feel like exercising, I dont want to let me dog down.


  11. Rebecca says:

    I’m so bad at this, so I don’t have good advice. The whole crew is supposed to run a 5K in a few weeks and I’m far from prepared. Ugh. It’s not that I don’t *love* the feeling I get after a great run, but I’d much rather be reading blogs 🙂


  12. A workout does not necessarily always mean going to the gym. What is something else you like to do. Is it something you can combine with a physical activity? For instance, do you like photography? Go on a bikeride or a walk to a nice place to take photos? Or is there a physical activity you like that doesn’t really come to mind when you think workout? I love to dance. Though I realize this is exercise, it certainly doesn’t seem like it is work. I hope some of these help!


  13. I think the most important thing is making it part of your schedule. Just decide what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. Don’t allow yourself to wake up and then decide if you are going to exercise. If you do, you won’t – or at least I wouldn’t. 🙂


  14. Julie Stiles Mills says:

    First, rule out any physical problems. I found out my iron stores were depleted.

    Second – accountability. I have a personal trainer. I also put an exercise log on my blog.

    My mom had a stroke and it was a pivot point for me. She coasted into her aging process. I’m swimming upstream. If I get a handicap sticker for my car, I failed. I want to get stronger.


  15. Melissa D at says:

    Running is/was my alone time — sometimes the only time I had for myself during the day. I bring a magazine when I am just walking, or listen to something uplifting on my iPod. When I actually ran, I’d watch the TV at the gym — my only TV time! It helps to watch a drama or something you really get into, because it keeps you on the treadmill for an hour. 🙂 My brother and SIL have a treadmill in his man-cave and a laptop nearby for watching movies or TV on DVD, via Netflix or hulu.


  16. Lindsey says:

    I think I’m learning to have more mercy on myself. If I get discouraged then it almost makes me less likely to work out! So I try to just be really happy if I get any workout in, lol. We won’t always do it all, but we won’t give up in the long run, will we? The fact that you care so much is good. 🙂 You’re doing great at your own pace!


  17. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    Well, I don’t have any magical advice for you! Just letting you know that you are not alone in the struggle and don’t give up!!

    At my other blog (Stop Eating All The Chocolates) I talk about my struggles – the successes, the failures, and the many fresh starts and new ideas. No matter what, I will keep starting and keep trying. I will try each week to make better choices and not beat myself up about the past choices. Just keep swimming! 🙂

    And pray – the Lord can definitely help in this area by giving us strength and motivation. I’ll pray for you and you can pray for me!


  18. Sarah, You are an awesome young woman…what exactly were you discouraged about? You are beautiful, vivacious, talented beyond belief and …. well, yes, my daughter! Ok, 1) re-read your post on the 5 year old and Jesus gospel. We are ALL in the SAME boat! 2) Keep putting one foot after another on the Wii (did I spell that right? You are LOVED!


  19. Sometimes it’s the hardest thing to do. Just be positive. 🙂


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