Even Strawberry Shortcake is a Questionable Role Model

In this day and age, it is hard to find a suitable role model for young g*rls to look up to. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with Strawberry Shortcake, right? A wholesome, pink, idealistic l*ttle g*rl, who frolics in Strawberryland with her sweet-smelling friends.

Well, this is the conversation we had on the way to school yesterday, while watching “Strawberry Shortcake’s World Of Friends”:

Princess: Strawberry Shortcake doesn’t have a mom.

HipChick: She doesn’t have a dad either.

Me: She does have a mom and dad, but we just don’t see them in the movie.

Princess: But why can she just go everywhere she wants by herself? She doesn’t even tell them where she’s going!

Me: I don’t know, it’s just a movie.

HipChick: Maybe she’s old enough to stay by herself, and she can babysit her little sister.

Yes, that must be it!

HipChick (with her best sarcastic voice): Well, anyway… if she goes on a trip around the world, and she does have parents, she should go with them, not just her baby sister, a cat and a dog!”

Me: So, regardless of what Strawberry Shortcake does, you will always tell your mom and dad where you’re going, right?

Together(in a sing-song voice): Right, mom!

PS. Don’t get me started on Strawberry Shortcake’s lack of family details. Maybe she has a mom and dad. Maybe her parents are divorced and have joint custody. Maybe she has two moms…or two dads. Maybe she’s an orphan. Maybe she’s trying to make it as a struggling preschool actress and model in Hollywood, and she’ll do well for a while until she starts partying too much, does 5 stints in rehab, and ends up on “Dancing with the Stars”, or “Celebrity Big Brother”!!!!!

Maybe we should stick with Dora, at least she has some authority figures, a Mom, a Dad, and a Grandmother. Never mind that she, too, goes on wild adventures without telling them!
Oy! Some days, I just can’t take the pressure of raising girls!


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  1. Oh, but Dora is supervised by a monkey. All the kids need to do is find a supervising monkey and then they will be free to go on all the adventures they want. As long as I approve this monkey of course.


  2. i don’t think that it has anything to do with authority figures… this version is loads better than the one from the early 80’s where they all looked like babies and yet had the same adventures. Strawberry shortcake is a character that girls can relate to, who demonstrates responsibility as well as living with a conciounce. Most little girls often play pretend, and in their pretending they don’t often include Moms and Dads in the role of mom and Dad. They pretend an independence and SS is great at demonstrating that without throwing in boy trouble, cat fights or other questionable plot lines.
    My daughter is 8 and loves SS but is well past Dora. Even Dora does a lot of independent things without her parents being involved.
    I am just happy there are once again descent cartoons on Saturday mornings again…


  3. Christina says:

    You are to funny Sarah!


  4. Sarah @ Real Life says:

    I really am kidding! I understand the fantasy in having adventures on your own, I just thought it was a hilarious conversation.

    I do like the idea of getting a monkey, though. Shirley Temple had one in The Little Princess, why can’t we?


  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I agree about SShortcake. Do you watch Max & Ruby (love the music), but Ruby gets on a bus to go to the store to buy Max’s clothes…Ruby puts him to bed…Where are their parents?


  6. We have the same issues with Spiderman for my 2.5 year-old son….I want to teach him that Jesus is the greatest Superhero of all!! Tough to do when there are so many distractions.


  7. WWDD?

    What Would Dora Do? Might be a cool bracelet marketing campaign for WalMart.

    Cmon’, vamanos! Everybody, let’s go. Lets get down to it, I know that we can do it!

    Where are we going? WALMART!!
    Where are we going? WALMART!!
    Where are we going? WALMART!!!!!!


  8. Sarah @ Real Life says:

    Ben, that little jingle hits a little too close to home.


  9. Hi, Sarah. Regarding your comment, we have friends who live in Boone, NC who are friends with her. She has an amazing voice. Thanks for commenting.


  10. Just wait til you have to take her clothes shopping and realize she needs a bra!


  11. Sarah @ Real Life says:

    (plugs ears) LA LA LA LA! I can’t hear you!


  12. Ohh… We watch Max & Ruby sometimes. I wonder where their parents are too!

    Sarah, you are so funny! Totally loved it, Totally got what you were saying.


  13. I also agree, but it is a great way to teach from what you don’t want to have happen or example. “Whats wrong with this picture”? …lessons


  14. marmalade.sunrise says:

    But…cartoons aren’t role models, and it’s ridiculous to expect them to be so. I grew up watching Looney Toons and Garfield, and I didn’t drop anvils on my friends heads, try to acquire dynamite to blow up roadrunners, or become addicted to lasagna. I even watched the original Strawberry Shortcake and turned out with reasonable morals. I’m sorry, but I think it’s silly to expect cartoons to be role models.


  15. Yeah, that’s kinda, like, the point. It’s sarcasm?


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