Expand Our Musical Horizons!

A conversation went on today on Twitter (my new fave!) asking for music suggestions. There were a few great recommendations, and some were lesser known artists. That got me thinking about how we sometimes get pigeonholed into listening to whatever the radio stations and record companies tell us is good.

After rlscovens suggested Jeremy Camp (whom I love), I suggested my sweet friend, Laura Kaufman, who is amazing! Then I saw that reflective, had found a new artist on a website called Amaze.fm, named Rebecca Elliot. She is wonderful!

So I know YOU have some music you love that maybe hasn’t been discovered by the entire world yet! Share it here!

Leave a comment with a link(if possible) to a great “undiscovered” artist.


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  1. Janel@Dandelion Dayz says:

    Oh, girl – my love for music is just vast.


    Okay, here are my faves right now on the Christian scene: Lindsey Kane – INCREDIBLE Album

    Addison Road – love them, too!

    Both of those are new albums.
    I also love Brandon Heath – Give Me Your Eyes, I’m Not Who I Was is the album name.

    I am also really liking Tenth Avenue North.

    And of course for some real fun jamming – Toby Mac. His newest album rocks.

    I love John Mayer and Jack Johnson for some pop, easy listening.

    Sarah Mclachlan has a new album out and she is an old time fave of mine.

    LifeHouse is always great as is Daughtry.

    And of course I love Coldplay.

    Okay, there you go! Have fun!


  2. Sarah, I will check out the links. I actually posted a video on a new group I heard this weekend that I had never heard before. The group is called “This Hope”. They are all from Alaska, but moved to Georgia. They are awesome. My husband and I bought 3 of their CD’s. 🙂 Blessings.


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