Facebook Tips for Bloggers, from Matt Jacobson

At the Disney Social Media Moms, we were excited to hear from Matt Jacobson, director of Market Development at Facebook. Yes, as in Facebook, the company. He was the 8th employee of Facebook in the early days. He gave us some tips and “Best Practices” for getting the most out of Facebook.

Matt Jacobson Facebook

Current Facebook Trends

Trends we are seeing today, as far as Facebook, Moms, and Brands:

  • Globally, borders are being replaced with connections
  • Brands are building connections through moms
  • 92% of moms use FB to check what family and friends are doing
    50% of moms on FB find out about brands and companies through their friends on FB

How can Bloggers Use Facebook?

Advice from Matt Jacobson for best use of FB for bloggers. Here are some steps to build your brand on FB:

  • Create a page and import your blog feed.
  • Use social plugins: Like Button, Like Box, etc. There’s  a Like Box over there?  See? Go ahead and Click “Like!”  —————————————>>
  • Advertise to target new moms and build your business
  • Use insight tools

Managing your personal and professional identities on Facebook

Make a plan to manage your personal and professional identities as a blogger on Facebook :

  • Create a page and a profile for different audiences or friend groups. If you direct blog followers to your professional page, it removes the awkwardness of having to reject friend requests.  Just say, “Connect with me here.”
  • Control Privacy settings with friend groups. You can set the levels for each group of friends, so you don’t have to get too personal with everyone.

Share your stories!

If you have a really cool or inspirational story involving Facebook, you can tell your stories on the Facebook Stories Page: www.stories.facebook.com

There is a wonderful story of giving, started by one woman on Facebook at the 93 Dollar Club

Find New Information about Facebook Updates

Best places to find new information about Facebook, and stay up on all the changes.

What’s Coming Soon?

We hear tell, From Matt, himself, that there will soon be a new Deals Program (like groupon) coming up!

What are YOUR favorite Facebook Tips?

Want to see some of the Q and A after Matt Jacobsons’s Disney Social Media Moms 2011 on video? Head over to my friend Emily from ColoradoMoms.com.

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  1. Chrissy Glen says:

    Ok, as if I wasn’t totally drooling over the Disney Event, but adding the Facebook Session…that’s just dreamy 🙂 So happy you got to experience that friend!


  2. I loved that talk. Great recap. Thanks!


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