The Blog Year in Review- Best of Real Life

I’ve been looking back through the archives here at the ol’ blog. There’ve been some good ones, and some that could’ve been better, but it’s all me. What you see is what you get, and that’s why it’s called “Real Life.” Well, I’ve put together some groups of “favorite” posts here from 2010! I hope you enjoy them. Go ahead and link YOUR favorite post from your blog in the comments!

My Favorite Posts:

Easy Crock Pot Pork Barbecue2010 Computer

One of my all-time favorite recipes!

10 Ways to Flirt With Your Husband

Just a little fun, and some great comments!

Real Tolerance

Pretty heavy commentary on the “tolerant ones.”

In the Moment of Lost

A split second nightmare for a parent, thankfully with a happy ending.

Fire Extinguisher Safety with UL

This is one of my favorite videos I’ve done this year!

On Eagle’s Wings

A twist on Isaiah 40.

I’m a Budding Nature Photographer

This is where I took some really great photos at the Biltmore Estate!

Word(less) Wednesday

I have been loving Wordless/Wordful  Wednesday where I post a photo with a Bible Verse!

2010 Posts with the Most Traffic

These posts received the most traffic this year, but weren’t necessarily written this year.  There’s a little bit of everything here, I think!

My Favorite Recipe: Homemade Canned Salsa 20,288 Pageviews; 17,920 Unique

Devotion: How is Carving a Pumpkin Like Being a Christian? 10,356 Pageviews; 9,388 Unique

How to Create a Menu Bar for Blogger Layouts, Part 1 5,425 Pageviews; 4,672 Unique

Last Minute Mario Brothers Wii Cake 2,388 Pageviews; 2,059 Unique

HP + Disney = Creative Kids 933 Pageviews; 698 Unique

2010 Posts with the Most Comments

I’ve excluded Giveaway posts in this lists, because they naturally get the most comments! But here are the posts you chimed in on the most!

10 Ways to Flirt With Your Husband – 30 comments

The Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg! – 29 comments

On the Popular Crowd, and the Anti-Elitist – 27 comments

Your Life, Your Blog: Choosing a WordPress Theme – 24 comments

The Inspiration to Adopt: God’s Calling, a Guest Post by Kim Young – 23 comments

Your Life Your Blog: Blog Buttons! – 23 comments

“How do I find my most viewed blog posts?Google Analytics is the best tool for digging deep into your blog stats! I use Get Clicky for real time stats.

How do I find my most commented blog posts?” There is a plugin called “Most Comments.”  You have to activate the Most Comments plugin and the Most Commented Widget plugin, then add a widget like you normally would.  Set the time frame of measurement when you add the widget.

SO what are YOUR results? You can leave a link to your results page if you like!

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