Finally Getting to Volunteer at School!

I have loved these last few years having a flexible work schedule.  It’s one of the benefits of making up my own job!  And this is the first year that all of my children are at school most of the day.  Every year, when the school asks for volunteers for test proctors, I really want to help!  I used to be a teacher and I know how hard it is to get all those required proctor positions filled.


But alas, I always had a toddler at home, and bringing a toddler to a End of Grade test… well, it wouldn’t work.  So this year, when they asked for proctor volunteers, I jumped at the chance.  What is a proctor? Well, basically, the proctor stands in the classroom with the certified test administrator and observes.  They are basically a witness to make sure everything goes as planned, and they can help the administrator with passing out supplies and such.  It seems like a menial job, but it’s actually very important to ensure the test are given the right way.

So that’s what I’ll be doing this week!  Standing in a classroom watching kids fill in bubbles with number 2 pencils. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

A few weeks ago, I stayed with the sixth graders for teacher appreciation week, while their teacher had a fancy lunch prepared by the PTO.  Surprisingly, they did not eat me alive, and they were actually quite fun! When the teacher introduced me, he said, “Do you guys know who this is?” (My husband teaches band at the school).  One of the boys in the class, whom I’ve known since he was little, said, “That’s Mrs. Pinnix and she’s AWESOME!”  I have to admit that delighted me more than he realized!

Do you volunteer in your child’s school?  What do you do?

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  1. Yes! I volunteer extensively at my child’s school! In fact, you could say that without me, they’d never get anything done. I’ll admit, though, that I have never administered a test or assisted another teacher in doing so. 😉


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