Fitness Friday: Buh-Bye to Two More Pounds! With guest blogger Stacy

Hi! I’m Stacy, and I’m a Wii Fit Mommy. I joined Wii Fit Mommies to motivate myself to get on my Wii Fit regularly (at least five times a week) to work towards losing the ‘baby fat’ I’ve been hanging onto since the Princess Nagger was born. I can be found daily over at my Blog, Stacy’s Random Thoughts (though I’m seriously contemplating a ‘Blog Name Change’ to make it more fun and interesting…*smile!*). Since the beginning of the year, I can proudly say that so far I’ve lost 18 pounds thanks to the WiiFit – and the motivation factor of all the wonderful Wii Mommies! 🙂

I was very excited when I found out that I get to Swing over here and guest post at Sarah’s Blog! I love reading her inspirational and thought provoking posts, and am a great admirer of her Blog. 🙂 I kept trying to think of what to write that would be worthy of this great Blog, and I decided I would just write a post as if I was posting on my own Blog – after all, Sarah did tell me to make myself at home…just need to find out where she hides her coffee! (grin!!)

With the Wii Mommies Swing Party and Twitter Party looming this week, I wanted to make sure I spent as much time as possible on my WiiFit so I’d actually have something coherent to write about, since the two weeks prior I didn’t get a lot of time to WiiFit to my heart’s content. My WiiFit trainer sure had a few choice words for me when I stepped on my balance board on Monday, of course, but that didn’t deter me from jumping back in with both feet. 🙂

I finally passed my old score of 1994 on the Hula Hoops – and actually scored at, I know that’s not as awesome as some of the Wii Mommies if you followed any of the Wii Mommy Olympics that happened a couple of weeks ago – my jaw hit the ground when I saw some hitting 3500 and higher…so I still have a ways to go to get there, but I was quite happy that my goal of hitting 2000 was surpassed by 45, especially since I’d been such a slacker for a couple of weeks…(grin!!!)

I’m still absolutely loving the step aerobics – but I discovered that having the puppy out of his cage during that time is a major hindrance...especially since he runs around me in circles, keeps grabbing the cuff of my yoga pants and tugging, or will hop on the balance board barking at me and the television and totally throwing off my steps and my score…but I actually think it made my workout at a higher intensity level since I was desperately trying not to accidentally step on the moving fur ball. His,barking at me seemed to make me move faster, so maybe I’ll have to consider keeping him in my regular workout routine… 😉 It was also excellent entertainment factor for the Princess Nagger, since one day this week I had to do my workout after she got home from school since Hovering Hubby had a couple of ‘late’ days that threw my normal schedule off… 😉

I’ve been treating myself to We Ski after my regular WiiFit routine – I am really enjoying it, especially since I figured out how to synchronize the balance board to it. Sure, they could have added front-to-back controls with the board to make it even more realistic for skiing, but it’s fun to play and has some nice hidden challenges to it.

I’m really enjoying the Freestyle mode – it actually feels like a real day of skiing (minus the cold temperatures, of course!). The mini-games provide some extra fun if you get bored swooshing around on the ski runs, or want something a bit more challenging. Some people utilize the Yoga section on WiiFit for their ‘cool down’ after they’ve done their regular workout, but I’m finding that using the We Ski afterwards is a great ‘cool down’ for me, and I enjoy it more… 😉 It’s also a great game to play if you are a little frustrated with the balance games on WiiFit – this definitely works those ‘balance muscles’ and you have fun with some great scenery, too! 🙂

This week’s ‘weigh-in’ saw me say buh-bye to 2 more pounds…it really does pay to stay motivated and rock out on the Wii almost daily! 😉 Some people have asked if I’ve done anything different besides just working out – the answer to that is yes. I am now eating a healthy breakfast every morning, I used to be one of those that coffee was my breakfast of choice, and often times I’d forget to eat lunch…so by the time it was time to eat dinner, I was famished and always ate way too much at dinnertime. And if we have dinner ‘late’, that’s a double whammy for me, because being that full so close to bedtime is definitely not good. I am also consciously slowing down when I do eat, too – usually I inhale my food because I’m in a hurry to move on to something else, but invariably I end up being hungry later, when I shouldn’t be.

I am being more careful about ‘what’ I eat, so as not to binge on unhealthy junk food snacks. Sure I splurge every now and again, but then I don’t completely fall off the wagon because I’m not denying my cravings, just not going whole hog when I do have cravings! 😉 The other thing I’m doing differently is drinking more water. No, I’m definitely not at where I should be on my daily intake, but I’m getting there! I am so not a ‘water drinker’ so I have to remind myself daily to drink it. I actually do better in that regard during the Summertime, so it will get even easier as it gets warmer out. 😉

That wraps up my update for this week – thank you, Sarah, for being such a lovely hostess! I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s updates this week, and seeing you all at the Twitter Party tomorrow! 🙂

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  1. Stacey,
    What a great blogswing entry. You are doing great and I need to do better. I hope to win a new game to help me in my working out. Good job keeping positive and making great changes in your life. It’s inspirational!


  2. STacy you are doing great! I am doing the same with the diet as you…I feel I have been able to stick with it because I am not starving myself or denying cravings..just not giving in so much! Keep up the great work!


  3. Cynthia - says:

    You are an inspiration Stacy!!! Great post…and at our house we have two 9 month old kittens who think that the Wii Fit is the coolest thing ever. Especially if I’m holding the remote with the stingy handle hanging down. 🙂


  4. Great job Stacey!

    I am looking forward to adding the Wii Fit and the some more games to my Wii, just got it last month for my anniversary, but we are all enjoying what we have eith it so far.


  5. Julie@Cool Mom Guide says:

    Excellent job on 2 lost! You’re staying motivated and helping others with your inspirational post! Thank you!


  6. Thats awesome, I have been wanting to try Wii Fit for awhile


  7. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says:

    Thank you so much, Sarah, for hosting my post today! 🙂 And thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments! 🙂 See y’all tomorrow at the Twitter Party! 🙂


  8. It's Just Me says:

    hello, just dancing through from a blog I follow. I pressed “next blog” and ended up here. Fun!

    Thanks for the peek.



  9. gahome2mom says:

    Congratulations on the weight lose and for staying on your goals. 🙂


  10. What a great post! Thanks for the encouragement. I have a Wii, but I have beening wanting to get the Wii Fit – even more so since I’ve read this.


  11. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    Great post and nice tips! Your progress is encouraging. I’ve got to get back into some sort of routine.


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