Fitness Friday: Creative Walking

One of the reasons I love working in the online technology world is that it is constantly evolving and creating new ways to connect! While most people see some sort of a brick wall in between their online life and their “real” life, mine is more like the ocean tide. Their is still a distinction, but it ebbs and flows and sometimes overlaps.

Ever since I got involved with my Wii Mommies co-founders, Jenn and Julie, I have been so inspired to push forward and get on with my fitness journey! I can tell you I would have given up a long time ago! I am someone who needs to be continually challenged with a new approach. EA SPORTS Active was the break-through point for me, and

I’m so excited about a new and creative way that we are using technology to stay active and connect while doing it! You’ve probably heard us talking on Twitter, Blogs and Our Radio Show about #PTwalking (Personal Trainer Walking for the Nintendo DS). It’s really helped me keep walking fun, and not just grind my teeth and “just do it!”

SO we hatched this idea with John Kim, from Whrrl, to bring together walkers all over the world! We’ll be launching “Walk the Whrrl with the Wii Mommies” soon, and we will be able to walk together, even though we’re miles apart!

Here’s how it works:

  • Get creative while walking, and take some pictures of where you’re walking! It could be down the road in your neighborhood, or up the stairs in the mall, or hiking on a ridge in Colorado.
  • Upload your “story” to Whrrl, and use the word #WiiMoms somewhere in your description. You can do this on the spot with your mobile phone, or wait till you’re home if you’re worried about someone knowing where you are.
  • Then, we can search “#Wiimoms” and see who’s Walking the Whrrl! If you’re walking with Nintendo PT Walking, add #PTwalking in there, too!

We are not officially launching Walk the Whrrl for another week, but go ahead and start following the Wii Mommies and playing around with Whrrl!

Here’s my story from today! I always like to put a few wacky pictures in there! These were taken by my friend Tammy, who totally “gets” why I need to take wacky pictures while at the park, to put on my blog later! I’m serious, one of the main reasons I took the kids to the park today was to get a story for Walk the Whrrl! I can’t wait to get creative with my walking!

Powered by Whrrl

If you want to participate, go ahead and sign up for Whrrl, and add me as a friend, we’ll post tutorials soon, so you’ll know how to create stories! Isn’t this fun?! I just love it!

Today at 1PM est, the Wii Mommies Radio Show will feature John Kim himself, who has been on a weight loss journey of his own! He’ll be walking the Whrrl with us, and will be available to help get us started together!

Ten Pounds and counting, and look at those calves, baby!! Visit Wii Mommies for more Fitness Friday, and to link up your own posts!

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  1. Here's a link to Sarah's profile on Whrrl, so you can friend her:

    Can't wait to see the #wiimoms Walking the Whrrl stories!


  2. Amanda @ High Impact Mom says:

    I love the idea of making walking fun and not just something I have to "grit my teeth" through. I was just thinking today how I needed to get back to using the Wii…school has started so that means I might have an extra minute in the day…we'll see.


  3. Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility says:

    I like the idea of being creative while walking…it makes it seem so much more fun! 🙂


  4. Boston Mamas says:

    Sarah, you're awesome. And so lovely to bring people into the journey. I just started learning to run (sounds weird but I've always assumed I can't because I go out once and feel utterly miserable) following several months with the Shredheads. It feels so great to have an active online community to share with! -Christine


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