Fitness Friday: Do What You Once Loved

This weekend is a momentous event for me. Saturday morning I will dance on stage – in a costume (two different ones, actually), for the first time in over 16 years!

As a teenager, I lived at the dance studio! My friends (who weren’t dancers) would actually call me there to talk! I did every kind of class that was offered: Tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, even East Indian! After High School, I realized I did not have the body type for professional dance, and I didn’t want to live my life beating it into submission! So I focused on singing and made a great college career in the Music Department. Even so, dance is my first love. My eldest daughter started at four, and all three of my girls are natural-born ballerina princesses. I promise I did not push them! I even tried getting them a t-ball set, and I looked out later to see them using the tee for a microphone and singing!

For the past 10 years, I have been having periodically recurring dreams that I am back in my old dance class. Only I have no idea what the dance moves are and I feel like a total idiot!

Finally this year, I decided I would try the adult tap class, and the new adult hip-hop class! (they promised the hip hop class was just for fun and exercise, but here we are- performing tomorrow!)

I was really apprehensive when I stepped into the classes back in the fall. You see, in addition to being out of shape, I’m also a perfectionist, and I knew I wouldn’t live up to my own expectations. The atmosphere in the classes, though, was so supportive and encouraging. Most of the hip hop class is comprised of thirty-something moms and we had a blast together!

My body gradually began to move somewhat like it had in the teen years, and my confidence grew as well. The tap steps, (tap was always my favorite) came flooding back surprisingly fast, and I found out I still had some funky moves inside!

When I stood on stage getting ready for the music to start, I was a little nervous. (strange for me) Would I forget the steps? Would I have a costume malfunction and embarrass myself? Would the other moms (or kids) laugh?

But as the music came up, it was like a switch turned on inside me. The light that had been on for all those years flickered to life again, the adrenalin took over and I had the most fun I’ve had in a while! (aside from Blissdom, of course!) I overheard the teens watching our hip hop dance, and instead of “Look at those old people trying to dance, Oh. My. Gosh!” I heard, “Wow, this is my favorite dance ever!” “They are doing great!” “When I have kids, I hope I’m just like them.”

It was such a blessing to this mommy’s heart to hear that! They will probably never know – until they are in their thirties and gettin’ jiggy wit’ it!

Yeah! I pretty much rock! We all do! Not because I’m the best dancer- certainly not. But because we had the guts to get up there and, to borrow from Nike, just do it! Over the winter is usually the time when I gain weight. It is so cold here and getting out is a challenge. I’m SO not a cold weather sports gal- I hate being cold and wet! I believe my workouts on the Wii Fit, and these dance classes every week, have kept me from gaining weight this winter! Now, I’ve going to kick it up a notch and actually LOSE some!

But here is my point: Is there some activity that you used to love, but you haven’t done it in years? 5, 10, 25? Whether it be dancing, or running, softball, gymnastics, swimming – whatever- just get up and do it! Awaken that inner part of you that has long been asleep, and get moving!

I’d love it if you shared it in the comments: What is it that you used to love, but have taken a break from? Is there a way to get involved again?

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  1. Well I always wanted to take dance and I just may have to do just that someday. Maybe I can do a class with my daughter, if there is such a thing in our area.

    I hope you will have photos or a video to post to inspire us that much more!


  2. bassackwards mom says:

    dance sounds like a blast… one of my close friends started clogging and she keeps the pounds off that way!! keep it up… and like Trish said, post a video !!


  3. Julie@Momspective says:

    Mine isn’t fitness related, but I was fluent in french for years and I’ve just lost it. I’d love to get that language back.


  4. Colleen says:

    What a great post! You sound so alive and rejuvenated…”you go girl”!


  5. MommaDJane says:

    I took dance for quite a while when I was younger. About five years. I’ve always wanted to get back into dance, especially hip-hop. I’m so excited for you! I want to see a video of the performance…


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