Fitness Friday: Hey, Look at Me!

The title of this Fitness Friday’s post was inspired by the phrase I’ve been hearing from my kids ALL day yesterday and today. I am blogging from the beautiful Ocean Isle Inn in Ocean Isle Beach, NC! The Ocean Isle in is our newest sponsor here at Real Life, so I had to come see for myself what it was like! First of all, let me tell you that I can wholeheartedly recommend this place to families for a peaceful yet fun Beach vacation! More on that later.
Coming to the beach this week, I was hoping to hook up my Wii in the room, to continue the Ea SPORTS Active 30-Day, but we couldn’t figure it out. So I got the resistance band and tried to remember some of the exercises. Then I did some running in place, kick-ups, jump lunges, and side lunges. I still worked up a sweat! I’d like to go on a long beach walk tonight when it’s not so hot!
I have been doing the 30-day challenge for two weeks, now, and I must say, I can tell a MAJOR difference in my upper body! I love that they incorporate the resistance bands, as well as lower body and aerobics. I feel really empowered to be able to do a comprehensive workout at home, and it really does feel like I am in a class, being taught by the instructor.
So back to the title! I changed my avatar picture on Twitter, and I was tweeting with #easactive challengers the other night. Jessica, from Jessica Knows Popped in with this tweet:
@RealLifeSarah look at your shoulders in that pic! You’re going to give Katie Couric a run for her money! #easactive

I was stunned, because I had thought my shoulders looked a little better, but didn’t want to say anything without independent corroberation! But, HEY! I look good! I have a halter-top cocktail dress for BlogHer, and I am going to look great in it! Then, @scrappinmichele said:
@RealLifeSarah are those shoulders from #EASactive?

Well, I haven’t been doing anything else! SO now, the moment of truth! A few weeks ago, I took a picture of myself in my bathing suit, and was so horrified that I couldn’t show it in public. Well, we took one yesterday, and I am actually going to post it! I can tell a big difference, but still need to work on my lower body. Some extra walking will be in order this summer!

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  1. Sara – you look awesome! I was so inspired by you and the other wii mommies that I am going to take some birthday money and go get that EAsports for the wii. Maybe I'll get some shoulders like yours!!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Colleen says:

    oohh look at that hottie! You look great…keep up the great work!


  3. ScrappinMichele says:

    You definitely do look awesome and good for you for posting the pictures. I am so happy to hear it is from the EASactive, because I'm going on week 4 of my 30 day challenge.

    My arms have been so sore after almost every workout, so I figure it must be doing something. And the great part about it, is that it is SOOO much fun. Keep up the great work and keep posting pics.


  4. So awesome!!! You look fantastic.


  5. Wow!!! You look Great!!! Keep up the good job. I can't wait to get the EA Sports Active.


  6. Coma Girl says:

    You look great. Congrats!!


  7. Awesome, awesome! Boy that EA Sports Active gets your shoulders, doesn't it? So funny you mentioned this because I was just noticing last night that my arms look different – less flabby I guess. YES! 🙂


  8. And yes, you do look awesome!


  9. Carolina Mama says:

    Sarah, enjoy your vacation. Isn't it awesome! and you look great. So yes Wii EActive. You've got it going. Have fun!


  10. CasualFridayEveryDay says:

    Your arms look great 🙂 You go on with your bad self.



  11. Katy Montgomery says:

    Thanks for sharing your pic! Looks like you're having a great time with the kiddos! Thanks for the encouragement!


  12. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    You do look fantastic!! I will have to try EASports – but will do it later in summer. I need to feel like I'm well into weight-loss/eating healthy mode first before I add something new.


  13. Jeannie says:

    Looking good. Hope you're having a blast on your vacation.


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