Fitness Friday: Hip-Hop and Hopes Giveaway


Last night as I stood in front of the mirror at dance class, I stopped seeing what was in front of me. I started to see what I could be.

This year, I decided to revisit one of my true loves: dance. I signed up for ballet and tap, and then I heard about an adult Hip Hop class they were starting, mainly for fun and exercise. Most of the women in the class are moms, and over 30, so it’s my crowd. However, there’s nothing more potentially awkward than a 30-something mom trying to “get jiggy with it” after 15 years out of practice!

I looked at myself in the mirror, and thought, “I really could get my groove back. I was pretty good in my day.” And then a thought went through my head that I can only attribute to my new-found involvement in the WiiFit Mommiis project…

“I might even look kinda hot after a few months with the Wii Fit!”

It’s not all about looks, but the thought of being comfortable in my own skin gives me hope for a lot of things: my new TV and Vlogging ventures, dance class (being on stage – ack!), not DREADING the beach every year! More energy for my career and kids, you name it!

So are you with me? I’ll be posting a Fitness Friday here every Friday to track my progress, as well as struggles, and you can join in at WiiFit Mommiis! Read up on the Six WiiFit bloggers, join the forum, and Link up with Mr. Linky as you blog your journey!


There are going to be loads of giveaways including a GRAND PRIZE of both a Wii and a Wii Fit donated by the generous folks at Nintendo!

And I’ll be offering a prize for my first Twitter Party! WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10, FROM 8 – 10 PM EST

We’ll give away a prize every 15 minutes, and here at Real Life, you can win a Holiday OR EVERYDAY design make-over for your Blog! (scroll down for my giveaway)

Here’s what you do:

  • Go to the Wii Fit Mommiis site and RSVP for the party using Mr. Linky. Try to follow the other party goers on the list!
  • Check out the great giveaways offered by the Mommiis. Go to each site and register for the prizes that you want to win.
  • Party begins on twitter at 8 pm est. Make sure you are signed into twitter or tweetdeck or twhirl (whichever you use) and follow me @sarahsingforhim.
  • Begin or join in the discussion. When you tweet you need to put #wiifitenthused in every tweet.
  • If you use Tweetdeck. Put #wiifitenthused in the search tool. It will open a new window pane and give you all the conversations with #wiifitenthused in it.
  • If you use twitter alone you can go to and put #wiimoms in the search. You will be prompted to refresh it often
  • Every 15 minutes a new giveaway winner will be announced. If you win something, please contact the correct mommii AFTER the party.

If you’d like to win a Holiday Blog Makeover, from my design company, Real Life Design, RSVP for the Launch Party, then leave a comment on MY post!!! You must leave your email in the comment. Entries will be open until I announce the winner during the Blog Party Wednesday)

For more chances, leave a separate comment when you:

That’s it! Now, go RSVP and check out the other prizes!


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  1. Julie@Cool Mom Guide says:

    Ha. You said ‘get jiggy with it’. Now I love you more…


  2. I could use some gettin’ jiggy! I so need a Wii Fit. I’ll have to follow your links to the giveaways.

    Love your profile pict. Very joyful!


  3. I love my Wii Fit and I am looking forward to the challenge.


  4. I stumbled this contest


  5. GREAT reason to get my Wii Fit back out – I haven’t been on that thing in months – and I really need to!! and if I won one, I could give it to dd#1 who moved out and is missing the Wii Fit!!



  6. aworkingmomsjoy says:

    I blogged about your give away and I subscribed to you site.

    Hope you have a great day.


  7. Im So excited about this contest and getting healthy Just got the Wii Fit and already having a blast with it. Achey but having fun 😉 Thanks for the opportuinty


  8. I also Dugg the post, Not sure if I was suppose to post that or not (mommyland is my name there 😉 )


  9. Good for you! My daughters dance & every once in awhile they will have adult classes. They never seem to last though, most moms drop out after a few weeks, lol.


  10. I’m so ready to get my Wii Fit moving!


  11. How exciting! I’ve RSVP’d (and done the forum stuff)! 🙂

    Thanks so much!

    ladyufshalott at


  12. Yay! I need a blog makeover! 🙂


  13. I just subscribed! Looking forward to meeting you tonight!!


  14. Renée aka Mekhismom says:

    I look forward to the party tonight and hope to win the Wii Fit!


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