Fitness Friday: It Works If You Work It

“It Works if You Work It”

You may have heard this line before. Besides being a slogan for all kinds of 12 step programs, it is simply the truth. I used to be baffled, because so many diet and exercise programs I’ve tried work the first time, and then after, say, I have a baby and try to get back with “the program,” I have the hardest time. The problem? I lose my enthusiasm and stop really trying.

The Wii Fit craze has sparked all types of optimism among people who generally don’t enjoy working out, that they actually have something that might work for them! And it has drawn its share of criticism for being “just the latest fad,” “pure marketing,” or “just another video game.” Some have speculated that it will be just an expensive living room decoration. The truth? It can be all of those things. The difference between those things and a successful Wii Fit experience is YOU!

Just like the other diets I’ve tried, it works if I work it! If the Wii Fit is just another living room ornament, I will not lose weight or get fit. However the Wii Fit has built in motivators that help you overcome the lulls in enthusiasm.

• Unlike the gym, You don’t have to drive anywhere to use it
• Unlike workout videos, it changes with you and challenges you as you go
• Unlike a diet plan, it can help, without a HUGE change in your eating.
• I don’t know about you, but I can’t take my kids to the gym to workout with me, yet we can all play the Wii Fit
• And the biggest motivator of all? IT”S FUN!

Having a hurt foot for the past two weeks (I may have plantar fasciitis) I haven’t been up to the workouts I did when I first started. I’ve been doing the hula hoop (which has already shaved inches off my waistline- my friends even commented on it) and the balance games, and it has still helped my fitness level, my posture, and muscle tone. I haven’t gained back any of the weight I lost (5 pounds so far) and I haven’t been dieting except portion control.
I’m writing this today to encourage Wii Fit users! Have you dropped off your regular routine? Have you stopped using it altogether? Do you feel like a failure? Well, stop right there! Don’t beat yourself up!

Get back “on the horse” and do ONE thing today!

• Start with your favorite activity.
• Create a challenge with your family, complete with prizes
• Do one thing each day until you gain your motivation back
• Don’t say, I “only” did…. Be proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished!
Today is a new day, it’s time to seize it!

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  1. Thankful Paul says:

    Hello! 🙂


  2. If it wasnt for my Wii fit I wouldnt have been exercising for a month now. Tuesday and Wednesday I wasnt so motivated, but did a little, then yesterday I did my favorite activity and before you knew it 30 minutes had flew by.


  3. You’re so right! Videos are the same old thing every single time you do it.. boring.. and I hate the thought of working out in front of ppl – *gasp*! So this is great.. it changes, it gets harder and it’s private too. And the trainers are encouraging too. I find myself feeling better after they’ve given the the ole ‘good job’ thing. I think it’s great! : )


  4. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    Still wanting to get the Wii fit. I need to do something!! I am just struggling with weight right now – can’t get motivated. Thanks for your post!


  5. Ooooo plantar faciitis HURTS… ridiculous maybe…but have you tried wearing crocs? I had it when I was pregnant with Lillian and read a bunch of articles on it…and found several docs recommending wearing crocs. I did it and could walk comfortably again within a couple of days.

    I also have trouble getting “back” to a program once I get off track…so I WILL NOT GET OFF TRACK!! 🙂


  6. Anonymous says:

    I have been looking for blogs about the Wii Fit and Plantar Fasciitis. I am by no means glad that you suffer from this but am somewhat relieved that someone else has experienced this other then myself and my 8 year old son- when it comes to the Wii Fit. For the past 6 months, my 8 year old and I have used the Wii Fit balance board barefoot (as directed) and both of us have since developed Plantar Facciitis – and in his case, Severs Disease (basically, PF for kids). We are ironically both in Air casts as the moment. The PF cause me to walk differently to compensate for the pain thus fracturing the top part of my foot. My son’s doctor placed him in a cast for 6 weeks so as not to break his foot. Neither of us had EVER had an issue with our feet before. We are both active in sports etc. Two of my other sons have no problem with their feet (thankfully) as a result of using the Wii. However, as a family, from this point forward, we will always wear shoes. We have made Nintendo aware of our circumstance and highly suggest to all to wear some sort of supportive shoe while playing Wii Fit. The coincidence seems way too large that we both developed issues like this in the same time frame. We enjoy the Fit and hope Nintendo improves on either the construction or directions for use. God Bless-


  7. I am so sorry that you guys have been having trouble with your feet! I think it’s always a good idea to wear supportive shoes when doing any kind of exercise.

    I actually don’t think I have true Plantar Fasciitis, because my injury went away. I’m under the impression that the true condition is lifelong? Not sure though.

    At the same time I started the Wii Fit, I also started back with dance classes after 16 years. I feel like I just needed to stregnthen my feet with the ballet shoes and tap shoes, which didn’t have much support. And I think that using the balance exercises with the Wii Fit (WITH proper shoes) did help me to do that.

    I really hope you get some relief! Is it possible that PF has a genetic component?


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