Fitness Friday: I’ve Been Derailed!

OK, folks. I need a little kick in the behind! I did pretty well on my vacation working out with EA SPORTS Active! I was proud of myself for sticking with it at the beach!

However, since I’ve been back, I have been SO overwhelmed with trying to catch up on work, unpack, and deal with the three kids home for the summer, I have slacked off! I have had such great results, I don’t want to lose it now!

HELP, my faithful Wii Mommies and Blog Readers!! I need your most motivating and inspiring comments to help me get back on track! (or you could just say, “Get up off your butt and work out!”)

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Now for some exciting Wii Mommies News!

As many of you know, the Wii Mommies are going to BlogHer ’09 in Chicago with EA SPORTS Active! It will be so fun, but to make it better, we are co-hosting a party with Electronic Arts, EA SPORTS Active, Pogo, and MoreThan Mommy!

Our Summer in The City themed party will be held at the House of Blues in Chicago!

Electronic Arts, one of the world’s leading interactive software companies, invites you to a fun-filled evening in their Gaming Lounge to mix, mingle and check out games your whole family will love! We’ll be serving up great food, drinks and wireless internet!

Join the Wii Mommies and MorethanMommy at the House of Blues as they check out great games such as EA SPORTS Active, Spore Hero, Littlest Pet Shop Onine, Need for Speed NITRO and

We’ll also be talking about it on twitter: #eablogher

Click here to sign up to come, there are only 83 more tickets up for grabs! They’ll go fast!


The week before BlogHer ’09, the Wii Mommies will be celebrating with a good ‘ol fashioned Twitter Party! It will be on Thursday, July 16th from 8-10 PM EST/ 5-7 PST. We’ll let you know We will be giving away

  • a copy of EA sports active
  • Hoover Platinum Wind Tunnel vacuum
  • the brand new Harry Potter game for the Wii and one for the DS
  • the SIMS 3 collectors edition
  • and MORE

Follow @reallifesarah, @superjennblogs, @momspective, and @wiimoms on Twitter and follow the hashtag #wiimoms for more info!


Join us today on Blog Talk Radio for the Wii Mommies Radio Show hosted by Julie! 1 PM Eastern- Click here!

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  1. Colleen says:

    If I wasnt so scared to death of driving in Chicago I would take you guys up on the invite…I am only 2 hrs away…but WILL NOT drive in Chicago…I am a chicken I know!

    Anyways…look forward to the twitter party!

    and you my dear friend…Stick with it!!! Your can do it!!! I have had times where I have made bad food choices(yeah stupid) and said I dont want to ruin what I have been doing and have had to fight temptation…That is what you gotta do…fight temptation of not exercising….You will get so much more out of actually doing it…and once you set aside 5 minutes, it goes by so fast that you dont even realize you are doing it for 30!


  2. I'm gonna get us walking. You watch. I bet that makes a difference. It is with me already!


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