Fitness Friday: My Goals

I ordered my Wii Fit yesterday from ToysRUs online, so I’m really anxious to get started! Since I haven’t actually started my program, I thought I needed to post my goals for using the Wii Fit.

I would like to set my goal at 5 mornings a week for at least 20 minutes. The days I miss mornings, I will make it up at night.

This means I will need to go to bed earlier, so my peripheral goal is to re-arrange my blog-writing, TV show load, so that I can quit most nights at 9:00. Right now, It is untill 11 or 12 every night, and that is just unsustainable!

I would also like to go back on Weight Watchers and track my points again. I think I have gotten way out of control without realizing it!

Do you have any Fitness goals? Share them in the comments, or write your own Fitness Friday post and link up at


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  1. Best of Luck – I will be rooting for you.


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