Fitness Friday: Personal Trainer Walking as a Parenting Tool

I wrote a post a few weeks ago at Wii Mommies, called “Silly Mommy, DS is For Kids!” It was all about how I had discovered how the DS can enrich my life! Here is an excerpt:

But now, she has someone else comandeering her DS! ME! Yes, I have now realized that the DS is not “just for kids.” Lest week, I got to try Guitar Hero: On Tour and it was lots of fun. Now you probably won’t see me sitting around for large amounts of time playing that, but there are so many other “games” for the DS that will really enrich my life, and that of other moms!

Now, ENTER: Personal Trainer Walking! I just hooked this up yesterday, and it is SO neat! Find out all about it in Julie’s review of PT Walking! Julie is competing against her dog to see who walks more in each day! My husband and I will be neck and neck, I’m sure to see which of us walks more! Another great result is that while I park farther away or take the stairs to try to get in more steps, my kids will benefit as well! Anyway, I’m really excited and I want to get the message out!

Soon after I started using PT Walking, my eight-year-old daughter really wanted to wear it, to see what it was like. So I strapped it on her belt loop at she went off to performing arts camp that day.

When she came home from camp, we went over her activity rhythm for the day! You see, the PT Walking tracks your steps not only by totals, but minute by minute throughout the day.

I noticed that HipChick sat still for over an hour in the morning at camp, so I was able to ask, “What were you guys doing this morning sitting down for so long?” It turns out they were warming up and learning music. I wonder how many squirmy kids they had THAT morning!

OK, so why do I mention this as an epiphany of parenting? I have recently been aware of a lot of attentioln in our society given to childhood obesity, which I actually like to call “Children’s Health.” Some kids with a sedentary lifestyle may not be overweight, but it is still unhealthy, and it may catch up with them later!

If you are concerned about your child’s activity level, Personal Trainer Walking is the perfect tool for you!

  • It seems like a “game,” and it uses your child’s own Nintendo DS.
  • The data is kept for up to 5 years.
  • The life-rhythm charts are easy to read and talk about with your child.
  • The pedometer is so small it will easily fit into a pocket or on a belt loop!
  • You can set your own goals and track your achievement of goals through the PT Walking calendar.
  • You can set up reward systems based on acheivement of goals, and even have contests among family members!
  • This tool focuses on HEALTHY ACTIVITY, not the child’s weight! I am SO sensitive of creating control issues with food and weight, having had experience with eating disorders in the past.
  • It gives you and your child control over your their health achievable and measurable progress!

Many of us send our children off to school each day, trusting them to teachers and caregivers. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a tool to discuss any activity concerns we have? I can imagine taking the data in to the teacher and asking, “Why is it that my daughter is sitting still for three hours every morning?” No, you have to be prepared for the answer to possibly be, “Well, she takes off her pedometer and sits it on her desk during PE.” But at least it can open up a conversation!


Disclosure: I received DS Personal Trainer Walking for review, without any further compensation. This is my honest opinion, and these ideas are mine alone and not necessarliy endorsed by Nintendo

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  1. I love that you are using this idea for your kids…and I love that I thought about putting it on my kids as a way to judge their activity level at the same time! I can't wait to see how a toddler compares to her preggo mommy 🙂


  2. Angie Marion says:

    This is great as a parent for kids! Thanks for sharing!


  3. personaltrainerwalking says:

    Isn't it fun! I mean, don't get me wrong, I like to play "real" games too (check out Professor Layton games!) but as an avid walker, I'm fascinated by how many steps I can go in a day. I love seeing how I rank with everyone alese in the world. I think that's great to track your children's daily activity. I also love that it can be used on a dog. My dog sadly passed away not long ago, but as soon as I get a new one and he's ready to go on walks, I'm going to put the otehr pedometer on him and see how far he goes.
    I kept looking for an online community to discuss the PTW in, and didn't find any, so today I finally started a blog here:


  4. Heather Wigen says:

    What a great idea! I looked at the game this weekend and told my hubby I want it ASAP. Hopefully we can buy it by the end of the month. I had just thought the two adults would use it, but I then read you can use up to 4 pedometers. We may get a 3rd for Liberty.


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