Fitness Friday: Set back, Shmetback

Well, this week, I’ve experienced my first set-back in working out with my Wii Fit. MY FOOT IS KILLING ME! I’ve done something resembling my arches falling or a tendon thing, and it really hurts to put too much impact on it. I’ll show you what I have been doing in this video:

You’ll be surprised how much those Balance Games work your legs, hips and glutes! I hope my camera-man husband didn’t give you whiplash, though!

Head over to Wii Fit Mommies ( to see the Featured Blogger for Fitness Friday and link up your posts!

We will be changing things up a bit next week, as the four Mommies will be posting on different days throughout the week. We’ll be joining in with other fitness memes, and encouraging them in their fitness journey, as well.


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  1. Stacy's Random Thoughts says:

    Great job working though the pain! 🙂 You ROCK! 🙂


  2. you do rock and a scavenger hunt sounds great


  3. Julie@Cool Mom Guide says:

    Yeah, scratch my last comment. I thought it was a week before what it was. I had no idea today was the 24th. Oh crap, it’s my dad’s birthday. yep. contest in the forum starts monday, i’ll announce it tomorrow!


  4. ok, I so hate that soccer game! The kids laugh at me because I get hit with the shoes and panda heads all the time. Why panda heads? I mean shoes ok, but, panda heads make no sense! I have improved with all the balance games but, yoga and hoola hoop are my best activities.


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